Red Dead Redemption

The WEIRDEST But MOST BADASS KILLCAM I’ve Gotten – Red Dead Redemption 2

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  1. Try stabbing the last hogtied guy in that wagon robbery, imagine that killcam, Arthur stabbing someone like a psychopath

  2. It’s amazing that Arthur Can take like 90 Bullets and survive but John here Tries to copy Arthur years later and die s

  3. Wow, it’s so cool how the blood dripping off perfectly and realistically follows the blade as Arthur pulls it out and away from his neck, even cooler how it still follows the blade after the kill animation is done and Arthur changes it’s direction by bringing the knife back close to his body. Even just the most minute of details in this game are incredible.

  4. I got a very similar one on the same guy and the same type kill cam but I tackled him with a shotgun so it went zoomed out when the head exploded beautiful

  5. My favorite killcam was when Arthur killed a soldier in guarma just by pushing him. This further proves my theory that Arthur is a descendant of the gods. Guy was beating the shit out of people in chapter 6 while in an unhealthy and sick state

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