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Top 10 Mobile Sports Games of 2022! Android and iOS

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With the recent release of Rocket League Sideswipe and Roller Champions on the way, this is going to be a big year for Mobile Sports games. Here are the top 10 mobile sports games of 2022!

Time Stamps:

0:00 – introduction
0:15 – Rocket League Sideswipe
1:05 – Roller Champions
2:38 – PES mobile 2022
3:45 – Hoop League Tactics
4:29 – Race Master 3D
5:04 – FIE Swordplay
5:44 – Retro Bowl
6:33 – Mini Golf: Battle Royale
7:06 – Bowling Crew
7:39 – Top 10 Sports Games of 2021
8:03 – Vive le Football & Pitch Clash
8:28 – Basket Trio
8:47 – Conclusion

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  1. I respect you making more money with these top 10 lists, but honestly they're not the same as your older vids. I hate to say it, but it feels like you've sold out. I don't feel the passion you once had.

  2. Just came from your vid with how to clear farm posted three years ago I'm subscribing u are goated thank u 😭👍

  3. Yeah I'm not surprised this video doesn't have good views, there's not alot of people who's interested in sport games

  4. JCF mind going over Apex legends mobile? Seems like a good competitor for pubg mobile and cod mobile..Be quick as sweats are already grinding themselves off..

  5. when r u gonna cover apex soft launch and tower of fantasy global beta applications also warzone mobile news bro

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