Destiny 2

Truth Comes Out | Destiny 2 Witch Queen

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I can’t help it, I love nuts!
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Clip by Hamr
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  1. "If I'm soloing the left, the least you guys could do is get right"

    Story of my life… if my life specifically consisted of the 4th room of the Exhibition encounter in Vow of the Disciple raid in Destiny 2

  2. i just wanna say i 200% approve of the hawkmoon sfx being used over the engram one in case this helps cement it

  3. Fun fact: Almost all raw nuts have some form of toxin or mold growth depending on the nut. Because of this, nuts must be either soaked or slightly roasted to reduce these toxins for human consumption.

  4. I didn't know you COULD leave your kids at school. THis opens up WAY more raid time for me. TY for the PSA Cross.

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