Until Dawn On PS5 Part 1 – Somebody Is Watching

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While my PC is at the repair shop I’m using my PS5 to check out Until Dawn.

☺ Viel Spaß and Happy Gaming ☺

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  1. This is another game you guys suggested for me to try while I don't have a PC. What a great game so far. Enjoying the voice acting and atmosphere. Sadly I had to turn off the music now and then when songs are played in the background, like the snowball fight scene :/ I try to leave it on for the most parts though as it adds sooooo much to the tension and atmosphere.

  2. I've seen another person play through this. It would be fun to see how you end up.

    Sam is played by Hayden Panettiere, btw.

  3. I forgot about the cellphone bit and checking ones integrity. Says a lot about the person playing the game in my opinion. Kickz passed with flying colors. Well played 'ol boy, well played. 👍

  4. i think i would like to play this even though it's not my type of game, but I am a PC elitist and I don't know about plunking down 40,400 yen for a ps5 lol keeping your PC in my foreface happy thoughts

  5. I've played through this game a few times and take different paths each time. It's pretty fun and the story is interesting.

  6. Great game… You could do a 7 days one off. Just to bring us back to when it all started for us console players. Even tho most of us jumped to the PC version.

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