Red Dead Redemption

Visiting Sadie and Getting a Loan! (Epilogue) | Red Dead Redemption 2 Part 44 |

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  1. You went to Valentine but didn't look around much! You're gonna wanna hit up the train stations and general stores of Valentine, Annesburg, Rhoades, and explore around St. Denis, and also read all of the newspapers – you'll get why, and be glad you did!

    OMG – Uncle and his lumbago – I didn't realize it when I played, but Lumbago is just a general term for "lower back pain" which is hilarious. It's also good to see Sadie again, she's one of my favorites and I love how she always sounds like she just smoked a carton of cigarettes

    And yes at 27:08 that is Willie Nelson singing an ORIGNAL song he wrote for RDR2: among all of the amazing things in this game, the soundtrack is one of the best.

  2. I feel bad for John he is trying his best, it’s so nice to see Sadie ect. Again! Maybe we can have are own little gang. Enjoyed the Episode! 🤗

  3. She wasn’t mad you defended yourself and jack. She was mad that those fellers wanted to shoot at you in the first place. They only wanted to shoot you because you killed his brother (the fella you wrote about in your journal that you killed for looking at you funny). So it happened because of your actions. It’s very understandable why she’s upset.

  4. Funny. The guy Sadie smashes in the face is the same guy Arthur dunks in the water during his drinking mission with Lenny.

  5. Thanks for sharing. Just about to start watching. Great to relive these moments through the eyes of a first time player. Sadie must be greatest NPC of all time. Outlaws For Life

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