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World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic – Leaked, What to Know and Expect

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With Shadowlands finished and Sunwell just around the corner in TBC Classic it’s time to start talking about Wrath of the Lich King Classic.


00:00 – Intro, Gold Farming, Grinding
07:05 – Class Balance, Class Design Improvements
21:37 – Dungeons and Raids: Difficulty and Design
40:40 – Final Word

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  1. I must have been on a really trash battle group back in the day because on my shaman it was rare I was getting beat in output in terms of healing and I was paired with a H pally in guild raids.

  2. 18:18 Just want to say, enhance shaman, atleast on Warmane's WOTLK private server, was insanely good with ICC gear. It may not compare to war, DK, rogue, but if it is played well it is very, very good. I played on the server long enough I had tons of macros for aoe fire nova totems, chain lightning, etc. But also for single target I could push top 3 dps in a 25 man icc

  3. Its nice to hear someone talk about rankings and usefulness throughout the whole of wrath instead of warriors and rogues are king of ICCH. The tier lists from Warmane are full BiS in RS, not whats going to be solid for the expansion as a whole.

    That said I disagree with a few of your opinions. Mutilate is very good in T7, tot is rarely used correctly and feral cat is one of the most overlooked dps specs in the game.

    Outside of the 11 minimum specs needed to ensure all buffs/debuff, i'm afraid we're going to be looking at a literal TON of class stacking. ie, afflictions locks on Yog zero.
    Personally i would love to see more content providers like yourself talk about raid comps by phase, and the pros and cons of class stacking. hint hint.

    Also, really hope blizzard buffs shamans, Enhance or Spell-hance is a fun/busy spec and Elemental is really satisfying to play. its a shame that most shamans will reroll after Nax due to scaling.

  4. I was a resto shaman main in wrath. Following the elitist jerks guide my parses were as high as top 20. Me and the holy Paladin went at it every fight to top healing meters. Chain heal spamming on the tanks passively healing melee was incredibly effective. You should eat your words. Also I bet many groups will stack melee unlike we ever saw in original.

  5. To be fair everything got replaced by GDKPs, so I expect them to continue in wotlk but not as strong as before., it's very boring things turned out like this so hopefully this will change dramatically in wotlk

  6. This is where u might be wrong. I’ve been playing in warmane private server for a while, and i can tell u that spellhance shamans do really good damage for a very long time during the expansion, until late icc when they go full enh. Also resto shamans are very usefull, don’t exactly know where u got the idea they won’t be needed. But I’m opened to know why exactly u think so. Otherwise spot on vid!

  7. think u misspelled holy priest there being useless mate resto shaman is on par with paladin / disc no one ever brings ele or enhance (this is from a 3.3.5 pov)

  8. On enhancement, spellhance does some pretty solid aoe dmg, but i have no idea if it will be a thing in classic wotlk.

  9. it's funny you bring up the shammy thing. All of our guilds enhance shamans (3/5) are going frost dk. They said they only did enhance as the rotation and twisting is fun but frost rotation is a lot funner.

  10. They better not buff 10 man content. If I wanted a challenge, I'd play retail. Classis for me is just a chance to roll through a raid with friends while talking shit and equipping purples

  11. The main thing I'm worried about is the community ruining it like they did Classic and BC Classic by bringing the toxic retail mindset. Gearscore, anyone?

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