Xbox Just Got BIG News – MORE Acquisitions Inbound, Activision Updates, & MORE!

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Despite making the largest acquisition in the history of gaming, Xbox is gearing up for more. This is thanks to a new job listing which focuses directly on M&A within Microsoft Gaming. Furthermore, Activision provides a plethora of surprising updates of their own regarding the status of their juggernaut Call Of Duty and the 180 made by Diablo Immortal. All this arrives ahead of the shareholders vote which will take place tomorrow.
Starfield Update:

Retro Rebound:

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  1. I’ve gone back to MW 2019 cause it was just a beautiful breath of fresh air from CoDs repetitive releases

  2. I think xbox will focus on studios now and not publishers until they manage to do something in east maybe with sega or even with square enix only time will tell but i dont see them needing any more western publishers

  3. Dont you feel like your channel is changing lately from "what is new in game industry and what to expect from it" … to " who buyed what" ? :-/

  4. I think Xbox probably pick up Certain Affinity and maybe Asobo and will leave it there unless a Japanese publisher throws themselves on Microsoft.

  5. To be honest so many studios have been acquired this gen by both Sony and Microsoft but not much is coming out… I’ve had both XBSX and Ps5 from Launch and tell you the truth We saw a few good stuff from Sony and a few from Xbox but it’s been nearly 2 years and what I’ve got out of this current gen systems and my overpriced LG c1 is Returnal, Ratchet and Clank, Demon Souls, Godfall, Horizon Forbidden West and ps4 to ps5 upgraded titles such as Uncharted, Ghost of Tsushima, Spider-Man, Death Stranding directors cut. From Xbox so far we’ve had Flight Simulator, Halo Infinite, Forza Horizon 5, Crossfire X, Psychonauts 2 and a lot of older titles upgraded for free with FPS boosts. To tell you the truth it’s dry really dry. I still find myself playing only a handful of games and these are Halo Infinite, Doom Eternal, DMC 5 special edition, God of war 2018, Elden Ring, And Godfall. These are the titles that I’m enjoying at the moment and probably throughout the generation. What I’m looking forwards to is Starfield, GOW Ragnarok, Gears of war 6, Fable4, Avowed, And please Sony give us something with great gameplay and stop selling me well written movies in video games. I wanna play a video game First and most important is gameplay meaning responsive controls, tight mechanics. Secondary eye pleasing graphics and third and least important to me is the story. My point is I can read a book or watch a movie if I was in it for the story. I am a gamer and I play for the gameplay I couldn’t care less if Kratos just mindlessly went to slay the Norse gods out of hatred for all gods instead of raising a son I would still adore the game if gameplay and graphics was as good as it is now or even better.

  6. I was pumped at this thought… but now I’m realizing how much Xbox has fumbled with giving 343 halo and I worry that they might continue the contractor cancer that is the gaming industry hiring practices

  7. WOW is our greatest disappointment , from Baldur's Gate D&D party to simple WOW we just ignore it from the beginning, only isometric and third person single player storydriven adventures and RPGs with realistic next gen visuals cutscenes and quicktime events and straight romances

  8. I don't think MS needs anymore studios after buying 2 publishers just cause I hate the fact that the game industry is consolidating. I also don't see how MS can manage more studios when they can't even manage the ones they have now without activision/blizzard

  9. Microsoft should hire either Werewolves, Vampires, or The Devil to acquire! Then let their angels look over the companies.

  10. No way a sega acquisition from xbox will happen. Exclusives maybe, but it is a Japanese company it's against the law lolol. Also Sammy Sega owns Sega so will they acquire their pachinko machines too?

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