Elder Ring

Elden Ring: The Most Legendary Summon

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Elden Ring, but I am graced by the most legendary player in the game before meeting Malenia. Follow my on twitch B-) …


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  1. Thanks for 200k views guys, this is unbelieveable. I believe in you all, some day you will be able to solo Malenia just like this man.

  2. "I bet he'll die in 5 seconds"

    Heresy, how dare you speak ill of the true elden lord

  3. Same armour, same weapons, same gamestyle, i know its him, he was already present in that area during the 1st week of the game release… And i rushed the game in 8 days… this guy was already there but he had different name but i recognize the same person

  4. Malenia: You cannot defeat me, Tarnished.
    …hold, why do I hear…”boss music”?

    Furled Finger “let me solo her” has been summoned
    LMSH: walks forward menacingly with nothing but a Pot on his head and two katanas

  5. when your summend by vikings for help i would say your pretty much a tier above legendary

  6. i watched a streamer who died to her 180 times beat her alone he he was so hyped he just started crying.i felt the reliev

  7. What mod are you using to get those keyboard popups? I keep getting the console controls on PC.

  8. giga chad detected: respect is added.
    giga chad upptäckt: respekt läggs till.
    used google translate

  9. Let me solo her is more like a title now

    A title where it states that you can solo her without help

  10. This man is the definition of "I'm not stuck in here with u, your stuck in here with me"

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