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Elden Ring – Walkthrough Part 45: Sellen's Questline

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This walkthrough will cover everything needed to obtain a Platinum trophy. THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished …


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  1. This episode is focused entirely on Sellen's Questline and in the process gain access to some of the best sorceries in the game, two of which are needed for our Legendary Spells achievement.

  2. Sooo I Got down to Jerren to talk and because the enemy followed me he is attacking me everytime I go near him😳… so what does that mean for the story/ gameplay?

  3. When I cast mimic on the triple boss fight he only spawns at 10% health and won’t heal

  4. I accidentally hit Sellen, am I able to do anything to not fight her and help her kill Jerren?

  5. oh Man the triple crystallines gave me soooooo much trouble, more than they probably should have lol

  6. If we killed the bell bearing hunter guy at shaded castle, will he still show up at his night time open world areas?

  7. something small but after u assist sellen u can continue talking to her to get another item from her before u use the grace site to reset everything back imprisoning her in that ball of faces- just use all dialog options

  8. It's funny. So far through this walkthrough, almost everything you struggled with I didn't and vice versa. This cave was a little challenging doe me and by the time I got to the bosses I had like 4 healths and my mimic and I could barely do damage to these things. I made it with less than half a health bar ticking down lol.

  9. I did everything but the sorceress stayed in the center instead of Renalla reappearing. What's going on?

  10. she was already in the witchbane ruins for me for some reason but she was also in waypoint ruins at the same time i was so confused before watching this tbh

  11. If I pick
    Sorceress seller on the right can still get blood sword and hand of melina sword I’mma Dex intelligence build

  12. if you give Nepheli the potion from Seluvis, her body will be in this room where you put Sellens soul in the puppet

  13. I love you fightincowboy you’re absolutely the best when it comes to making souls walk through. Thank you

  14. You also get an Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone if you help Jerren. He'll be standing where his summon sign was. Her bell bearing, however does NOT include Shard Spiral. Also, Lusat and Azure were still there and could not get their gear.

  15. If you are having issues with the Crystal boss like I did (screamed at my screen once or twice) and you are any type of mage, rock sling them while your Summon is dealing with them.

  16. As a Welsh girl I love how there’s so many familiar accents in this game, like Sellen, Renna, Blaidd, was sad to kill that Welsh wolf!

  17. Hi guys I'm stuck on the boss fight with the 3 Crystal bosses I'm using a plus 21 katana and lusats staff but just not hurting them considering respec just for this fight any suggestions plz

  18. Frickin enemy came down and attacked me when I was talking to sellen. I turned and swung my rapier and somehow hit her. Now I can't talk to her and can no longer complete the quest.

    I'm pissed beyond belief.

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