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How To Get Free Weapons Early In Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Best Guns In Chapter 2

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How To Get Free Weapons Early In Red Dead Redemption 2 – The Best Guns In Chapter 2

While there are many more guns to find and collect within the expansive world of Red Dead Redemption, here are some you can collect as early as Chapter 2 without traveling across the map for hours.

— Time Stamps —

00:00 – Intro
00:18 – Schofield Revolver (Valentine)
01:50 – Pump Action Shotgun (Chez Peter)
02:43 – Lancaster Repeater (Rhodes)
04:13 – Double Action Revolver (Lonnie’s Shack)
04:58 – Rare Shotgun (Reed Cottage)
05:25 – Bonus Weapons / Outro

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  1. just get the all weapons unlocked mod, then stick the no forced scope mod on that and get yourself the Carcano. the end.

  2. I must add that both robberies, Valentine's doctor and Rhodes' gunsmith (which have illegal activities going on at the background of the store) have to be "triggered" by "some event" before they start. Otherwise they'll occur like a regular cash register robbery.

  3. Hi.
    I got the double action revolver, but I can't customize it in black Smith, it doesn't appear, is there a reason for that

  4. If you don't mind a bounty, Sheriff Malloy carries a bolt action rifle. (I got it at a hanging, not sure if he carries it all the time)

  5. Get the Schofield, Lancaster, and Semi-auto quickly as they're basically the best guns in the game and will carry you all of the way through.

  6. When rescuing Sean, after Arthur and Javier knife the first 2, as you start to head up the hill there are two more bounty hunters talking. Shoot the left one in the head and he will drop a bolt action rifle. However, if you don't kill him instantly, he'll just drop a worn carbine.

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