Battlefield 2042 – Bugs & Fails Compilation

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Battlefield 2042 Funny moments, glitches and fails. Battlefield 2042 launched in an extremely buggy state. Here is a compilation of fellow streamers running into hilarious bugs. Welcome to the Battlefield 2042 (Bugfield 2042) experience.

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  1. im the fact that the game is really this bad is crazy dont forget this is not their first game and they have big budgets shit doesnt even make sence

  2. This really is the only game that can make people rage without them even dying, literally jsut the game being a fucking lie to it’s consumers what a piece of fucking garbage I want my money back so badly

  3. I want BF4 with new graphics and maps and content. Not this fortnight hybrid safe space bull crap.

  4. tbfh this game was done the second they decided to pack lobbies with bots instead of just making a smaller multiplayer

  5. Those cringe comments at the end of a match were the final straw that made me refund the game. I felt like I was playing a kids game or something, whoever allowed that in the game needs to be fired.

  6. This is probably one of the worst games I have ever played. It’s genuinely a shit show and it’s a complete scam that they were selling this game full price

  7. I don't know why they get so angry. Those enemies who don't die are universal soldiers. It's 2042. I mean c'mon.

  8. as i was saying,games which have "Year" ahead of 2022/now,may cause glitch/bug..because you can't predict future

  9. As the last (most assist) dude said: "well well, well" at least this bf have pretty nice looking graphic (if it is loading correctly)

  10. Everyone, there is a petetion now to get EA to refund everyone who is unhappy with battlefield 2042. Its already gaining alot of traction. Please go sign it if you are as disapointed with this steaming pile of crap as i am. Thank you! Even if they dont refund us , let our voices be known and hit them in the only place they care about, their wallets!!!

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