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10 Elden Ring Problems NOBODY WANTS TO ADMIT

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Elden Ring is one of the greatest games of all time, but there a few small things that bothered us. Here are our complaints.
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  1. My biggest issue is the UI for messages and for torrent revive the pop ups like "stone sword key lost on use" or "a large door opened somewhere" need to flash like 2 or 3 times and vanish without interrupting controls I don't need to acknowledge something like that while I'm literally fighting for my life I've died bc of that at least a dozen times if not more

  2. Honestly for me I felt the bosses were a big letdown, I really play these games mainly for the bosses and I just felt that there were strange design choices and balancing that really ruins them and just makes them not fun to fight. It causes me to not want to go back and actually fight the good bosses since I have to go through the bad bosses first.

  3. For any mages who don't know about this, make sure your favorite/bread and butter spell is the first one memorized. If you hold the cycle magic button for a second, it will instantly go back to slot one. It's not a big fix for cycling magic, but it can get you back to that spell quicker

  4. The only flaw I had was bosses

    I don’t mind the bosses turning into mobs later in harder areas

    What bothers me seeing them a lot as bosses in boss arenas

    Like legit they made the imp boss 8 times


    So boring

  5. Those three-headed cat status in dungeon? Not only they are one of the worst enemies I have EVER encountered in a souls game, you have to fight them as dungeon bosses like half a dozen times! To get what? A Soul ash you probably test once and never use again?
    Elden ring is a very good game but it's far from flawless. It's inconsistent.
    Maps are either good or bad! We have a world map, so the fanboy myth that maps ruin a souls game is officially rejected by the man himself. So why we don't get a dungeon map?
    Quest markers are considered spoon-feeding by the elitist souls players, yet we have actual quest markers for multiple quests in this game! So why not a quest journal? Just reminding us those we have encountered and talked to.
    Also, open-world games such as those made by Ubisoft, as terrible as they are, get a lot of hate for their level-gating areas of the map. Well, guess what? The same exact thing happens in elden ring! Try to run past to a late game area when you are lvl 20 and you will feel that gate on your crushed bones! The only difference is that you can't see enemy levels or that telltale skul symbol. And let's just consider the ultimate stupidity of jumping off a ledge with Torrent, activating the double jump 10 centimetres above the ground, land and then die from fall damage! Sheer madness!
    I already have the platinum trophy for this game but I feel no desire to actually go back to the game, something that I have done many, many times with Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3. This fact alone tells me that for all the hype this game gets, at least to me, it's not the best in the series.

  6. Thanks. I've just had to cheese (a ridiculous cheese)the Elden Beast. I didn't fancy spending 4 weeks to try and beat it. I had to ridiculous cheese Loretta. This isn't good gameplay management. To have to insert a farm so that people can play the game isn't good. It goes without saying it is a wonderful amazing game. 9/10 for me. Skyrim and Goldeneye for me.

  7. Personally, I despise any form in invasion system in games when you just wanna do PVE. If they wanna AFK farm and leave me alone, fine.

  8. You know people can be pathetic when you gotta say this shit:
    Disclaimer: We like the game, but nothing is perfect.

  9. The scales of greatness are weighed heavily in this game’s favour even accounting for all of these points

  10. I'm guilty of number 8. In my defense, I'm hunting. They walk by, I ambush. Not doing it to be a troll.

  11. I enjoy the fact that you can use the invisibility spell and soft cotton to make stealth viable. That challenge you need to beat to warp to the Haligtree is one situation where it helps a lot.

    I also know what you mean by unbalanced weapons. When I rebuilt my character for using the moonveil instead of the dragon halberd, the game because significantly easier.

  12. Switch spells while your character is preforming the action of the previous spell you cant do anything else anyway

  13. there’s already so much enemy/boss variety I would’ve been okay with them cutting some of the repeated fights. I did two dungeons back to back with the same end boss (tree spirits) and it just made it seem like they ran out of ideas for some of these dungeons.

  14. I got 3. 1.) Lock on and camera 180 flip being the same button. 2.) Lock on engagement with mild cover 3.) Enemies hitting you through walls, and you not being able to return.

  15. The toramt message only pops up when you use the potion, if you're an actual smart person you gtfo and use two immediately, not hard, just don't be dumb

  16. The stuttering is why I stopped playing it. I'm not struggling through that when I've got a 3080 Ti. Not doing it. I didn't spend this much money on a GPU just to have poorly optimized games.

  17. My biggest pev in elden ring is a small one , anytime you pull a lever in a dungeon to open the boss door , you get that small text pops up and doesn't go away right away .

  18. Great game but the camera and target lock on was brutally bad. That and sooo many recycled enemies and bosses

  19. If you are locking onto large enemies I think that it's a fundamental problem with you the player, not the game. Lock on isn't necessary for every encounter. If an enemy is gigantic and you need lock on to hit them… come on.

  20. This is a pretty safe video. Just brings up minor gripes rather than the greater issues with the game.

  21. My three biggest problems is this:
    1: No Ultra wide 21:9 support.
    2: For a pc game to be locked at 60 fps in 2022 is ridiculous.
    3: Yes it runs like crap on pc.
    Instant refund on steam.

  22. Elden ring literally has a setting called “cross platform matchmaking” it starts off….

  23. my problem with the game is when ur on ng+ it becomes a horseback simulator to the bosses for the diff endings

  24. I've always played from games on playstation. I've seen enough videos of hackers on PC that I have no intention of playing on there

  25. Dark souls 3 had seeds of a tree giant that combated afk invaders why is not in this game I dont know…..

  26. Gaming observation, not locking on the enemy changes their Ai they also can't read your button input. I swear they know when you drink the flask.

  27. There’s about a dozen different scenarios when you wouldn’t want to lock on. The combat controls are perfectly capable of hitting whatever you need to if you practice free-aiming even a little bit.

    Also, as a magic player, I have no issues scrolling through spells. You learn to slot things you might want to combo together in the order you would want to cast them in, you learn to keep your most frequently casted spells toward the front, and you learn the muscle memory for exactly how many clicks it takes to get to the one you want in that moment.

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