10 More Things you didn‘t know you can do in Battlefield 2042 after Update 4.0!

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Here are 10 more new tips to Battlefield 2042 for beginners and veterans. Since my last guides and tips and tricks videos for Battlefield 2042 received a really good feedback, I thought I’d show you some more things that the game doesn’t tell you or that you didn’t know you can even do. Especially after update 4.0 and 4.1 there are a lot more things possible than before, so I focus on these.

00:00 Intro
00:27 Destroy Enemy Drones with EMP Blasts
00:55 Sundance’s Grenades track Casper’s Drone
01:14 Soflam locks on to Casper’s Drone
01:50 Ping & Give Orders with Casper’s Drone
02:19 One-Shot Ranger with the Recoilless M5
02:43 Break Dozer’s Shield with the Recoilless M5
03:07 Ranger can’t be repaired by Angel anymore
03:53 3rd Person Ping in Vehicles
04:17 Kill Assists with Smoke Grenades
04:43 The LATV fits a container

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  1. Great video as always but the music was quite annoying and made it alittle hard to keep focus on what was being said..

  2. Any idea why I can’t use any of the ammo or grips for the shotgun I’ve unlocked. It shows I’ve got all the kills but still has the padlock icon Thx first time caller long time listener

  3. I didn't know about the smoke grenade. Strange? Anyway, good clip as always. Much love from Denmark.

  4. Its funny how a heat seeking missile is able to lock on a drone that produce no heat 😀 Its quite annoying when you try to shoot a plane with the AA rocket but its locking on random drones…

  5. Hello, i noticed as well that you can now select a team m8 that chose a vehicle at the start of a game and spawn on him before the game starts, makes getting in vehicle way faster and easier at the start of the game, like it was on bf4

  6. Hmm before the patch I often threw packs at robots and it never seemed to heal. Or was it so little that it was barely visible?

  7. Is it just me or does the robot dog now have a light on it when it looks at you? I had one do it and I thought it was a sniper

  8. It might be a good idea to let people know that the Anti vehicle missiles of the EBAA Wildcat can do massive damage to aircraft someone has SOFLAMed them. I even practice going out of my Wildcat to SOFLAM them myself and then fire the anti vehicle missiles. They do comparable damage to an M5 launhcer which means that all but the big transport aircraft will get oneshoted. I think the big transports take two of those missiles.

  9. Great..the m5 didnt get more valuable, they just made Dozer the most pointless and useless specialist in the game, and they made vehicles stronger while making the drone easier to take down which keeps it from c5ing vehicles. Just call it warthunder 2042 and take out infantry if they just want to keep making overpowered vehicles even stronger…F— these current dice devs.

  10. They need to make the drone able to spot spawn beacons easier and be able to destroy them with emp. The beacon's sound is way too low

  11. sucks that they removed angels armor plates. thats the main reason i play his aggressively. guess i have to find a new main before season 1 starts.

  12. They need to add assists and acknowledgment for hacking vehicles! As it is now I don't think you get Jack for it. Also I think they nerfed the vehicle hack. Seems to last 5 seconds, if that, now. They pretty much messed up Rao so there's no advantage to playing him anymore. I may have to switch to some other character.

  13. Yeah it’s annoying when you shoot a tank with two rockets just for someone to come in and blow it up and no assist….

  14. In the last Scene its remember me to "suprise Motherf**ker" xD

    Would be insane. Thanks for this overview.

    Also they change some Weapon Balance. U can find some Videos about it.

  15. Speaking of Dozer, as I found out doing this weekly mission wish I recorded but was to stunned to do so. Having armor on seems to prevent the shield bash from it killing you or at least that's what it seemed to me.

  16. Not sure if this is new, but last night I was able to lock a ground vehicle with my Radar air-to-air missiles because of someone’s soflam. This is huge as a part time jet player I could run those AA-12 radar missiles and control the sky and also attack ground vehicles for my team

  17. I think it's sad that they have nerfed the drone to the death. It has a much shorter range, and is much easier to destroy. Playing as Caspar is totally usless now.

  18. Good thing I already have the M5 at T1 /flex.
    Also I am loving sundance atm, just tossing those nades out and they lock on to spawn beacons too I think.
    I'm not entirely happy with the M5 now being able to lock on to drones though, a few times now I've tried to lock a heli, but my M5 prefers to lock onto a freaking drone instead ><

  19. Thanks for ths – very cool seeing all the little additions/changes in the game. I need them to fix EMP grenades. They are the last T1 grenade I need and they are a nightmare right now. Blow up in your face half the time, even with a clear view to throw, only register a disruption 25% of the time, and 50/50 when you directly hit a vehicle if anything happens at all. So frustrating.

  20. A new cool detail after 4.0 is that if you squad revive a friendly specialist there’s a chance for your character to say their name an a lore reference to them.

    I was playing as Paik and when squad reviving a Falck my character said “your mission isn’t over yet Falck” and I’ve once heard McKay say “c’mon get up Casper” when reviving a Casper player.

    It’s a cool detail

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