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Ace of Spades Two Tap Build! | Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

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Outro Music: Seemingly Futile – Kiss The Moon


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  1. Lucky Pants are useless with this build. All of the benefits of Lucky Pants, including the airborne effectiveness buff, are only for a short time after drawing your hand cannon. If you store Ace and draw it again to get the Lucky Pants buff you lose Momento Mori.

  2. This is what I like to see, true build crafting.
    Also any suggestions with the likes of Athrys Embrace ?

  3. You should try out 6th coyote for the extra dodge and extra radiance. You didn’t switch to shotgun a lot so not much usage out of lucky pants

  4. May I recommend a mod called precision charge I think that’s what it’s called but it makes you charged with light on multi kills with hand cannons

  5. I chose warlock this season, I'm a titan main. I will be going on my hunter soon to check out the solar 3.0. It's pretty decent on warlock, looks insanely good on hunter!

  6. I feel like people, like ifrostbolt, over exaggerated this dodge. Yes there’s a two shot potential but it has a long cool down compared to the other dodges and it’s no where as mobile as the other. You’re not going to spend the entire game two shoting blueberries… idk, still feel gambler’s dodge is far more useful for pvp but this particular dodge is great for pve.

  7. You should reload after u get the 2 tap specially if you finish the first one or the second one with a HS cuz u rest the 6 buffed shots in the mag

  8. Tbh i dont think solar 3.0 is that crazy, at least the hype is making it so theres less void spam lol

  9. I just used this there so many ways to gain radiance and just chain this it’s insane honestly I love it and the last hand ornament was a daily offer for me today in the eververse never have I bought something so fast

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