Battlefield 2042 Devs Finally Nerf Two Broken Specialists, Roll Out Other Changes in Update

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DICE made so many common sense changes in the last update, I don’t even know what to do with myself. Full patch notes: Did they make good decisions? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. I’m a clutch MAV driver on breakthrough. Smoke out the site and park on it last minute, it’s so much fun.

  2. Great video as always. What they could do for the ready up animation when spawning is to make it exclusive for spawning on bases your team owns/start of round. Disable it entirely when spawning on a squad mate/spawn beacon. Hell, they could make it even more flashy when you spawn on a friendly base if that's what they wanted to do. Obviously spawning on a base that is contested sometimes results in a death quickly but it's definitely less common than spawning on a squad mate in a hot area. The animation is in the game because DICE wants the animation so maybe if they approach it from a different angle, it can be solved.

  3. They should just do away with specialist and have their gadgets be pick ups on the maps

  4. Thanks for the analysis and summary of changes. I always hate the nerfing of anything. I’m glad I maxed-out the badges for Boris and Angel before they were nerfed. I’m glad that land-mines are now “persistent” and don’t disappear after you die. IMO, the 12-gauge shotgun is woefully underpowered, to include too short a range. The other shotguns may be too, although I haven’t tried them yet.

  5. why remove armour from angel? i didnt see anyone even ask for that?
    so he throws ammo now instead? didnt know that.

  6. I think they got rid of break through 128 was to increase player count as I used it to get past the weekly challenges

  7. Condor/hind still need a nerf. Its a transport. Transport does not need a front cannon at all. Just remove the module for a front cannon entirely

  8. I heard since they NERFED Boris is century gun you might as well be shooting Nerf darts lol
    I’m glad that they fixed the 128 player account for the series X and next Gen consoles

  9. AS a long time Sentry Gun user. I can tell you the gun is now totally useless. What a shame.

  10. I wish they would have just lowered armor numbers and not deleted it. It was 20. Lowering to 10 would have been great 🙂 Miss supporting my squad more. Great video as always.

  11. So instead of nerfing choppers or buffing anti-air and making tanks fun again they fix some stuff that wasnt broke.

    I do like the turret changes though

    Moving the nightbird to attack is good and bad as now their are more condors which are even more potent

  12. They were both fun to play with. It's dumb they were nerfed. Now the game is less fun. They all also added recoil to all smgs. All these did was make the game worse

  13. i have a question. are some of the specialists only available on the good guys team or on the bad guy team? Like COD:MW certain skins go with certain teams.
    And are the Specialists unlockables during the match like Darth Vader in Battlefront 2?

  14. Angel should at least be able to plate himself or nobody at all. It makes NO sense that he plates ppl when he rez's them but can't plate himself?

  15. two things. why are they buffing the condor! it is very OP with a good crew! it needs a nerf not a buff. also how about some XP or counts as a kill if you do 75-90% damage to a vehicle and don't get the final kill. right now you get nothing.

  16. Boris turrets were never a problem if you were paying attention. I have mixed feelings about the Angel nerf, as it was nice to incentive the selection of a specialist actually focused on teamplay. It's Sundance and the wingsuit that badly needs a nerf.

  17. 128 bt was dumb…. happy its gone… only the sweats who found good spots to shoot at the "fish in a pond" effect bt had, enjoyed that trash… 128 cq is much more doable. was a good move to remove it. bolte was trash for trash people, it needs to go completely but really like what they did, moving it to the armor…. makes it obsolete. angel needed that nerf …borris nerf was a tad much but i never used him. feel like the ranger needed the nerf borris got..instead, it still ruins gameplay… a great step forward all in all. love where the game is… we need players a server browser content and a deeper look at the portal would be nice… cheers… ps maps need to improve. base maps suck a lil bit tbh.

  18. Bf2042 is dead, even ea doesnt mention it on their reports, they rather use bf v numbers than 2042. Also there are talks about selling ea. This game killed bf and maybe Hurt so bad ea that they May be for sale now.

  19. They need to balance the time to kill, because it's faster than Call of Duty. Input lag fix it's crucial at this point! I'd like to see them fix the gunplay and weapon handling, this game just doesn't feel good to play. I hope these maps are getting scrapped and.. they rebuild the game with actual tactical maps

  20. I kinda wish that 128 player conquest was in bf1 it would have been awesome to just watch all those players charge the enemy trench’s

  21. Love the Boris/Sauron joke 😂

    Hope lifes good Flak. Super curious if Season 1 will be a soft relaunch.

    Take care man

  22. My friends are all very pro-128 breakthrough. But playing post patch I enjoyed 64 player breakthrough more. That also pushed us to play more 128 conquest which I also enjoyed more. Part of that was because I chose somebody other than angel who feels less necessary now and is inherently less interesting than folks with wingsuits, turrets, and grappling hooks. All around, it feels great and I'm excited for less fixing and more building to come

  23. the boris nerf was stupid, they should had overhauled it to manual instead of making it useless

  24. I cant stand this game anymore i finally deleted it, the community is 98% morons and make the game unenjoyable

  25. 64p BT just sucks. It's boring and not near enough action. Conquest is a snoozefest. I want my 128p BT back, but maybe put it on 64p size maps

  26. Nerfed my favorite specialist Angel (if it is possible to have favorite specialists). You know the specialist best suited for team play and support. Meanwhile we continue to have the lone wolf flanking Sundance's ridiculous physics that allow her to glide half across the map from a two foot rock and seemingly move faster then other specialists. Love how EA's answer to everything is to remove content. Already tired of hearing stupid squad mates suck in their buggers and cough into their mikes with no ability to mute them in EA's incomplete VOIP implementation.

  27. Jesus, they should have just removed the turret. That's effectively what they have done without actually doing it. 🙄

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