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Blizz FINALLY Overhauling WoW's Creative Leadership Team

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Could we be seeing major change for World of Warcraft going forward? There is job listings for Narrative & Creative Directors…

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  1. They are looking for new people for these jobs but they will have that diversity tool to dictate how they do their job. But I will assume whoever they hire will be all for that new diversity tool.

  2. Tin foil hat time btw….. i think blizz leaked their plan release time frame for dragon flight already. Torghast monthly events end in january of 2023.

  3. Sometimes you can’t give an audience what they want. Larger servers with 0 LFG and LFR, and dungeon, heroic, 1 mythic, 10 man raid and 20 man. Personally I’d say stick with 10 man.

  4. Start wow 2 then. And remember combat is team based and make what you want to play. Stop trying to change what you’re not playing.

  5. Have I ever told you the definition…of insanity?
    Insanity is…doing the exact…same fucking thing…over and over again, expecting shit to change.

  6. I disagree with the idea that no one sets out to make a bad product. Too many beloved franchises have been absolutely trashed in the past 10 years to be coincidental.

  7. Each episode Matt hair grows and Michael has to make his hair cover more and more clean areas. Will he embrace his baldness? Will matt stop stealing hair?

  8. True BFA alliance attacked Horde first and then sylavans burn the tree , this shows how alliance writers they control story and manipulate and the victim is horde, let’s kill more horde leaders

  9. Really hope the creative director has the responsibility to tie shit together. Kinda wish it was a system director.

    Every system since Legion works on paper. Even fun on paper. Yet Blizzard has treated every system as its won thing, never seeing how the system interacts with any other part of the game. Helps that none of them probably play it.

    They need a system or hopefully the creative director to have say to make systems mesh. To make sure frustration is not reached with a cool idea because too much player power is tied to it, making it mandatory to have for end game content. You could have had conduits and legendary gear, but it would have been so much better if you progressed in them playing what you enjoy. Stop tying mandatory grinding systems to your new idea.

  10. Too bad all the more we knew and loved from Warcraft 3 had to burn like Teldrasill before this job got posted. I feel nothing but apathy for this next chapter unless Shadowlands retcons get retconned and Arthas gets the proper sendoff he's earned.

  11. Yeah… the cinematic disconnect is jarring AF. Like… it's a cool cinematic and all but the Alliance aren't nearly pissed enough for Teldrassil have just burned.

  12. Narrative Director: Anne Stickney. DONE!
    If you listen to BlizzardWatch episodes before she went and joined Blizzard, you know that, honestly, they would be fools not to promote her to that position.
    Just my opinion.

  13. I figure a list of qualifications like that either means they have someone in mind or they're posting this just to point at it and say "well, we can't get anyone, I guess it's business as usual".

  14. Something I think the game has lost is small stories within each zone. I think that's a downside to the campaign style questing they've moved to.

    There just aren't as many iconic quests like there used to be. Instead you just get a massive focus on the largely underwhelming story campaign. Maybe that's just because the campaign sucks, idk. But it seems like we've lost many of the other stories and interesting characters within each zone.

  15. It was not a capacity issue it was a competency issue. The creative director was incompetent in his position. The narrative director and creative director need to work together otherwise there is a loss of cohesion of the storyline and lore of the World. It is also imperative that these leaders listen to there teams and the players so that the game can evolve and grow not devolve and continue to wither.

  16. You all say that these poor devs are just trying their hardest and how they really want the best for the game and for us… and then I remember their twitters and any sympathy I had for them goes out the window.

  17. The reqs for narrative lead make sense, but by that same token, does that person even exist?! A AAA title narrative lead game developer who just so happens to know everything world of Warcraft, from the old RTS games, to the books, 2 decades worth of expansions and content (including deleted content), YouTube videos, social media lore posts, Q&A’s, etc etc. seriously?! A game dev and a world of Warcraft groupie as separate things seems possible, but put those together and I really wonder if such a person exists to fill that role.

  18. I will say this until I'm blue in the face: Warcraft is NOT Epic or High Fantasy. It is Sword & Sorcery, and the fact that modern Blizzard still doesn't understand that fills me with dread.

  19. 9:49 "No one sets out to make a bad product", but they can definitely jockey for sneaking in some of their own agenda/politics. Like slowly phasing the race wars out of the World of Warcraft for the 2020s audience.
    25:01 It's perfectly OK to finish some stories or make a zone culminate in a Dungeon. Not everything needs to tie up into a raid.

  20. Poaching would require them to actually offer an extremely generous salary since ABK is well known for their shitty pay. I dont see them doing that. They're going to end up hiring the cheapest person they can find that can't get hired anywhere else and praise their finance department for saving them a few thousand a month.

  21. What were you even trying to say about that no negativity in the dojo? Like were you trying to tie that to some kind of left leaning?

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