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Bulk Trade Tips For POE on PC. List Your Chaos Orbs For Sale In Currencies You Want – Path of Exile

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List of all currency tags for unusual currencies (sextants, awakener orbs, all that sort of stuff):

Join as a channel member to get access to perks (this helps fund the channel):

I’ve started streaming on Twitch! will take you there.

You can buy some POE microtransactions and/or games from my Nexus store, and I’ll get a cut. Link:

I also have a merch store at if you want to buy anything there and can take tips at


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  1. Hello sirgog. I have a problem with that approach – wanted to buy some essences and they exceed limit of tab name. Any solution to this?

  2. Thanks for the tips, I'll definitely be including some bulk trading in my normal poe gameplay from now on. Any idea on if you'll be streaming more and when that will be? Was watching some of your vods and I love the commentary, always learning lots of things

  3. I'm playing on Xbox and the only person selling a Void Battery right now is trying to sell it for a ridiculous 10ex . -_-

    Needless to say I'm not wasting my currency on it.

  4. This is something it took me literal years to figure out on my own, I wish I'd had this video when I started playing trade league!

  5. Im not looking for an aution house, just an in game trade ststem that doesn't still think its the 90s

  6. Any chance of an update on the fireball build? Currency invested, What gear you currently have, how mapping and bossing is going?

  7. Nice vid man, congrats. I always tought your shirts were floral, it was only today i realized its fractals. wicked sick dude! Keep up the great work and thx for helping.

  8. You can also throw some chaos in a tab like this then split off a bunch of single chaos and put notes on the chaos same as this if you want to buy several things this way
    I don't bother as much now but yeah you generally get a better bulk rate than if you were to bulk buy something , its super effective for currencies people bot because they don't mind a slightly worse rate they just want to convert their currency up to exalts (basically bulk gumball currency like chisels alcs etc)

  9. I always sell my stuff in bulk for people who have done this. Very informative video because the "Set exact price on all items" does not include stacked decks or other less used currency items.

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