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Cheaters are STILL ruining games in Call of Duty Warzone..

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Cheaters are STILL ruining games in Call of Duty Warzone. Recently the Ricochet anti-cheat hasn’t been keeping up with some of the more obvious Warzone hackers who are able to use aimbot, wallhack, unlock tools and more without detection for the first few round they play. This Warzone cheater was definitely using an aimbot and a wallhack and appeared to have unlocked Atomic camo for the StG and Armaguerra at Rank 6, no Prestige.
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Warzone HDR loadout: Monolithic Suppressor, HDR Pro barrel, Tac Laser, FTAC Stalker Scout stock, Deep Breath Perk
Warzone Grau loadout: Monolithic Suppressor, Tempus Archangel barrel, Tac Laser, Commando Foregrip, 60-round mags

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▶ Cheaters are STILL ruining games in Call of Duty Warzone..
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  1. Tbh the game gets less and less fun as I play it. Raven are just incompetent and about as useless as a chocolate teapot. I just hope they don’t touch Warzone 2.

  2. If he has unlocked the guns skins above his level why has he not been auto banned surley this should be a check that happens?
    Why are these Developers so incompetent????

  3. This is why I have given up on this game. It's not just the cheaters but playing on Series X with a controller against cheating PC players with keyboard n mouse, which is far superior to a controller, is just totally unfair. Cross play is definitely a bad thing in Warzone and on Xbox you can't play it when its disabled.

  4. With it being free to play I can see more people just hacking and not giving a crap sadly :/

  5. Man stop complain about cheaters in cod, cod has best anticheat and there are not ALOT of cheaters. Also if u complain about cheaters you should also complain about console users since they have s fully working FOV aimbot and they actully destroy the game

  6. It's pathetic really, people play PvP can't win, resort to cheating, and then ruin it for everyone all because they couldn't handle losing one time. At Least we are not them, those dishonorable cheaters! Hope your devs do something about it, wouldn't hold your breath tho

  7. Well when you falsely advertise a anticheat and allow it to leak to cheaters and then do absolutely nothing this what happens honestly we all should team up and sue activision

  8. I did a little research. This cheater played in 1 solo match 4 days ago which is shown in your video. You can see that you came in 8th place (sorry). The lobby KD average was .70. Can you explain how so many streamers are able to get such low skill lobbies? That's what I really want to know. I have a pathetic .65 KD and my matches are almost all over 1.15 kd.

  9. All these people that buy these bundles are "pay to win" it is getting beyond a joke now and more obvious since the last download, You that buy these bundles are the cheats.

  10. What’s infuriating is the cheaters/hackers think they are actually good. The fun of playing and competing with equally matched players has been non existent for a long time. The Ricochet anti cheat is a joke.

  11. Developers play both sides of the coin… they are probably the ones creating the hacking industry on the side! They also play the hackers for money… they update anti cheat software and then have the hackers buy the new hack updates and they go back and forth convincing the community things are taken care of for a little while and people buy in! Game is full of hackers and actually i wish I could watch the replay of the entire Mw3

  12. Annoying how much the enablers will gaslight a casual over this shit too. I know the difference and never complain when I lose squarely.

  13. Want to go to these sad cheating people's mothers and fathers and tell them what a horrible job they did raising a child. But then again they most definitely cheated a life too. They take people's happiness away like stealing others breath. Hope they go walk in the street and get run over by their mothers

  14. why you try get ban the hacker, ban the site what sale the hack…more EZ is only dozens not thousand…:)

  15. They piss me off so much I just see it as apart of the game now they cannot stop these shit bags from cheating and I find when I report them my kill score gets slashed by 50%!!!!

  16. This is exactly why ppl stop playing these games the game manufactures need to perm ban more often.

  17. This game is dead! You can’t get into a game without multiple cheaters in a lobby. They need to get rid of cross play and let the Community decide what they want to play with.

  18. Cross play is garbage, console players should be able to play with only console players, the best game no one wants to play anymore.

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