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Duality Dungeon SOLO Completion (Warlock Full Run) | Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted

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Today after 5 hours we finally completed the Duality Dungeon Solo. Here are the full runs of each successful encounter if you would like to glean some strategies for your own Solo Duality Dungeon attempts. We will have a guide for solo later this weekend.
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0:00 Dungeon Intro
6:17 1st Encounter (Gahlran)
23:25 Statues
27:50 2nd Encounter (Vault)
44:22 Jumping Puzzle
48:15 3rd Encounter (Final Boss)
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  1. The backpacks are brutal in the final encounter, one stomp from caital and you’re toast if you don’t have some sort of heal. I’ve had so many runs get snuffed out by those things.

  2. I did my solo flawless using a void devour warlock, and with a glaive and lament, anytime to got a kill or dealt damage got my health back. Was a life saver ontop of max resilience and resist mods.

  3. So much b/s for an exotic sword doesn't seem worth it for me, its just more garbage from Bungie.

  4. This version of the boss room looks nothing like the one my clan plays on. Enemies aren't targeting him, he isn't taking damage at all. Wonder what cheat he is using or is this just the bungie sponsored version.

  5. I hate the mechanic if you kill the wrong standard bearer you lose time and wipe because of it. I wanna kill the snipers so bad but I can’t, so I just have to let them shoot me.

  6. Got through the dungeon solo yesterday up until Caiatl when I gave up at 3 am. I was running max damage resist Loreley Titan with constant sunspots and heals. Made it through Ghalran fairly easily, Vault was a little tricky but I got through it, ane Caiatl… Jesus Christ, what a fucking pain. I managed to get her to just a sliver, almost had her, but died to bullshit collision when a Psion booped me. I was running Huckleberry, one-two punch shotty, and Falling Guillotine with Lucent Blade. Did very well, but kept failing during dps because I could never kill the incinerators fast enough by the time she got to the bell.

  7. If only you and all the streamers and bungee knew how toxic the LFG has been this weekend for this activity. Must be nice to have the whole internet to want to play with you

  8. So I found out Dawn Chorus now increases the amount of damage your scorch does instead of lasting longer; along with all the previous effects. I'm using it with my WoR just for the scorch burns and it's amazing for thicker healthed room clears in the dungeon.

  9. I like the challenge of the dungeon but the final boss encounter can go screw itself. You have very little cover for how many enemies are in there, but like I said I enjoy the challenge at least

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