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Dying Light 2 Best Bow Locations | How To Get Bows | Bow Guide

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Best Bow locations in dying light 2. Secret bow locations in dying light 2. How to get a bow in dying light 2
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  1. My question is…when should I go after these bows? I don’t want them to be so low I can’t use them.

  2. Crap due to getting Nails which I would like. Because the second ladder you go up isn’t down! Don’t know how to get up there!

  3. I beat the game once and I'm on my 2nd try I'm in the city and when I got there there was the 2 runners that explode not the fat once either but I just got in the city I had to max out my paraglider and I had to kinda do a lot more stuff and think this threw bc I didn't have to grappler lol but thank you a lot I got rust to and nailed

  4. Just got 3 composite bows level 8 I’ll let someone dupe them I got them from the shop I wish I bought all of them I could have gotten a lot of them but only bought 3 Xbox only

  5. The bow wasn't there. Not a big deal since I was going to activate the antenna anyway, but I'd like something better than the 100 damage version of nails I have now.

  6. The crossbow rocks but it lacks one this normal bows get and that is explosive arrows. Explosive arrows are amazing to clear out dark zones during the day.

  7. i have a gold machete level 9 and a few others someone joined our game and gave me them but does anyone know how to repair them fully without blue prints ?

  8. and when you give 4 areas to the PK and only get the blueprints for the bolts but don't get the crossbow now what do you do? fml

  9. I saw someone having a lvl. 9 300+ damage bow. Man if I could get it or knew where to get it.😟

  10. Is nails only obtainable of you drain that part of the city? Or is it still there even with the water?

  11. You can still use the crossbow even if you aren't doing the peacekeepers path, if you can get your friend to just give (or dupe) you a crossbow. The downside is they'll have to make/give you the bolts as well. If you want a decent bow and these aren't something you are comfortable moving around for, just keep checking vendors. Throughout the campaign the vendors will sell artifact tier bows off and on. Check them every time they reset (fairly often) and everyone you pass until you get a decent one (during campaign vendor only sells as high as artifact 6 bow). If you're lucky you'll see a artifact 3 bow fairly early if you just keep checking vendors as you are doing your fun shenanigans. 🙂

  12. I thought you should know I got an artifact bow from a merchant. Its 140 damage. If you are just talking about bow's that you find for free then you might be korek't LOL

  13. Does anyone know if they respawn when you get to a higher level I would love to have one later on in the game

  14. Just get he PK to level 4 and then you'll get a crossbow that levels up with you. The thing is OP and it's better than pretty much anything.

  15. Fancy sticking a good silent weapon half way through the game instead of being able to unlock and upgrade. Fucking stupid

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