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DYING LIGHT 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 FULL GAME [4K 60FPS PC ULTRA] – No Commentary

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Dying Light 2 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Dying Light 2 Gameplay on PC. This Dying Light 2 Gameplay is recorded in 4K 60FPS on PC and will include the full game, all endings and all boss fights.

Huge thanks to Techland for providing me with an early copy!


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Dying Light 2 is a first-person action survival game developed by Techland. Dying Light 2 includes an open world game with zombies and a lot of new zombies have been added to the game. Set 20 years after Dying Light, it stars a new protagonist named Aiden Caldwell, who is equipped with various parkour skills.

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  1. A lot of the writing in this game is peculiar and seems out of place, but the recurring theme of loneliness is impactful. That old man at 1:40:03 was really sad, and even Kurt, with all his defenses, was also looking for company (1:53:30).

  2. sure u can listen some tapes while chasing the Doctor in the Cathedral LOL, but it's a nice gamplay

  3. Don't think just because you brought danior some of his favorite liquor on his birthday we gonna forget what you did to that little girl 😢🤣🤣

  4. MK really does not like the PKs. I think they are the good guys though, would have helped them.

  5. Love how you play these game, i watch some youtuber who too dumb to play this so frustrating. And now im gonna watch all of your video

  6. nah cause the tape with the old man talking about his family and wanting company for christmas nearly evoked tears

  7. dudee its pissing me off how you are not using the enviorment at all.. Just spaming the left click to kill and thats it… After 9 parts and al those skills unlocked you still didnt learn how to play the game… Not to mention the fact that the game is running on very easy

  8. Not us walking in on Juan and his "assistant." I guess it was only a matter of time before we 'saw' something. Really, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner …..

  9. hey can you stop skipping the scene I like to see the whole game especially parkour and movements to the determined checkpoints thank you for playing the game and showing us that awesome skills 🙂❤️

  10. Electricity and water are a bad company nonetheless the water does not conduct electricity in this game for some reason.


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