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Dying Light 2 Stay Human – Authority Pack Free DLCs Trailer

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Our first free DLC for Dying Light 2 Stay Human is coming! The Authority pack consists of three parts. You’ll be able to claim them at Epic Games, XBOX, PlayStation and Steam stores to collect the full set. Visit the TechlandGG for more info! The first one’s arriving soon, so stay tuned!

Buy Now: https://dl2.dyinglightgame.com

About the game:
Over twenty years ago in Harran, we fought the virus—and lost. Now, we’re losing again. The City, one of the last large human settlements, is torn by conflict. Civilization has fallen back into the Dark Ages. And yet, we still have hope.
You are a wanderer with the power to change the fate of The City. But your exceptional abilities come at a price. Haunted by memories you cannot decipher, you set out to learn the truth… and find yourself in a combat zone. Hone your skills, as to defeat your enemies and make allies, you’ll need both fists and wits. Unravel the dark secrets behind the wielders of power, choose sides and decide your destiny. But wherever your actions take you, there’s one thing you can never forget—stay human.

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  1. Yo i can't download it on ps4 it says that the app doesn't exist, plz help, it's the sane history with the ronin pack 🙁

  2. Cool dlc pack(s). I really like how the weapon & clothing helps your stats against foes and environmental situations. In addition, the whole package looks really cool on Aiden. However, just because I wear the uniform of the Peacekeepers (or parts of it) doesn’t mean I always have to play by their rules.

  3. The one thing I like about dying light 2 is the peacekeepers they are good at keeping order and they are kind the guys because I see in the game that they are trying to help people and they are good at killing zombie

    And I do wish that techland did keep them the same from the 2018 e3 well they had a light blue colour armour and now they have dark blue kinda colour but I still like them

  4. Amazing game this dlc is pretty good you can upgrade the katana and you can redeem then over and over every 5 hrs so 10/10 dlc

  5. Thanks for making the broom challenge unbeatable I'm going to tell everyone I know not to buy your glitchy game the only way you can get a broom or hoverboard is by cheating it

  6. Please for the love of god fix the fog soon. Thia game has tons of stuff that needs fixed. AND i have had plenty of gripes. But seriously. Yall need to fix this fog problem. The game is damn near unplayable with this bug. I feel like its much more important to fix this over alot of other stuff. Just not being able to see what your doing will ruin any game.

  7. Another banger game from these Developers. Please never change. This game has been amazing to play thus far.

  8. Zombies and no Guns ! This melee weapons shit sucks.Push Dying light 2 into your ass. Fuck you Techland !

  9. They need to fix the connection bug/issue that they have! Showing people disconnect when actually connected , it's a huge issue/ bug for some people, we have to disconnect from internet and open app to game than hit main screen than internet on then hit continue to have one chance to find a game or its bugged as disconnected and you cant join anyone, making people have to repeat the process to hope to join a game

  10. PLEASE fix the game audio on ps4. The voices of the characters in the side missions always bugs and I end up not understanding the story! I'm loving the game but this is ruining my experience 😢

  11. I honestly really do prefer the PK over the survivors. I feel like the game tries really hard to make the Survivors the "good" guys even though they are quick try and kill you multiple times in the beginning. Even Frank only likes you once he knows he can use you.

  12. Loving the game but the bugs are uncalled for, please fix them I literally can not progress the story now because of this issue

  13. I’m new to dying light (I mean I’ve seen my cousin’s play it I know how to do stuff) But I’m confused about “free DLC” like how do I claim it and how does it work?

  14. 21 February the game is still unplayable on ps4 ! The game version is the same ! 1.04c 😂😂😂 any Xbox & pc player say that they don't have any issue with the game how can more then 13.000 on ps4 having the same problems , can't play co-op since this game came out ! Can't invite players or friends in to the lobby ! I told you this game is trash ! They money grabbing & in return look what you get lol nonsense dlc items with nonsense attributes & low level armor haha haha , wow man so amazing ! The skill tree made by little kids ! Its 2022 & they come with jumping & running what already exist in assassin Creed so hilarious , in 5 years time they only made a glider & a nonsense skill tree after that they flushed the entire game in the toilet ! Factions all of them are garbage just the reality dying light 1 is better then dying light 2 ! Facts dying light 2 has nothing to do with dying light 1 ! Just again a rip off from this company !

  15. Tech land I know you guy are focused on dying light 2. But can you add a fov slider to console dying light . Because I have trouble seeing when i go into a building when I'm doing parkour. Please

  16. fix your game im so disappointed that you guys put out a broken mess this isnt even half of the original game

  17. Imagine someone sold a piece of this set by accident, does it get lost forever?

    Asking for a friend…

  18. Fix the game breaking death loop please. I can’t play at all. I know it take times but must hurry.


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