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Elden Ring – Should You Start as the Vagabond Class?

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Elden Ring – the vagabond class
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  1. As a new player, i looked into this class and am stuck between this and the comfessor. I wanr the defense the vagabond provides but the magic potential of the confessor. Would it be worth it just roll with the vagabond and pump points into faith?

  2. Pick Wretch and appreciate everything you come across like a famished homeless person, even a freaking broken sword. Do not look down on broken sword. Keep in mind that even after Guts had lost everything after 'that' incident, he still had one thing left on his person. A broken sword.
    1. It will be your first playthrough and you won't know sh*t about convenient item locations, enemy placement, and newly added game mechanics. Playing as a Wretch will, thus, add survival element to your experience. You will come to appreciate everything you come across, even the craftable items.
    2. You might find yourself using weapons and armors dropped from lowly mobs; stuff you wouldn't touch otherwise if you were to start fully geared and armed (privileged).
    3. Since you are underleveled and ungeared as a Wretch, you will see a spike in your perception and awareness, even a trash mob around the corner will make you alert and pump adrenaline in your veins.
    4. You will focus intensely on exploration even in the tutorial zone to get your hands on anything that may alleviate your situation. This will add another layer to your immersion.
    5. You will come to appreciate little things you would have missed or ignored otherwise. Such as taking advantage of terrain while fighting mobs and using stealth/jump attack even to beat weak foes.
    6. You will find yourself developing a very new playstyle (unlike your usual playstyle) based on the stuff you randomly come across as a Wretch. You might discover a whole new world just because you didn't start privileged (outside your comfort zone).
    7. You can always delete the character and start anew if you find the Wretch class frustrating. Your experience in the tutorial zone will teach you valuable lessons regardless. These memories won't go away. That's the whole point of tutorial zone.
    8. Do you have a habit of stocking up consumables until the end of the game and never really using them because you didn't find the need to? Such as pebbles, firebombs, throwing knives etc. As a Wretch, you will find yourself appreciating these very consumable items. Using these items strategically to your advantage just might become a habit even after you come across powerful gear later on in the game.
    9. You will become part of a small club of survivalists who had the balls to start Elden Ring as Wretch. While the majority of people will start privileged in their cool gear and boast about beating the game, you will be the underdog that will stomp on their privileged asses in pvp and invasions. Why? Because those who start privileged in a game never learn the abilities and the cunning of fighting foes leagues above their abilities. But a Wretch does! That's the difference between a lethal mercenary raised in battlefield and an honorable knight trained in some privileged knight camp.
    10. Starting as a Wretch in your first playthrough of Elden Ring and overcoming it without giving up just might become the most memorable in your gaming experience, period. Remember, this will work only on your first playthrough.
    11. It's fairly cheap to level up from Level 1 to Level 10. You won't need many runes to achieve that. It won't set you back much compared to the ones who start from, say, Level 9. In fact, hunting for runes and gear will make you confront all of the side content in the tutorial area with a newfound passion and appreciation.
    12. The thrill of randomly finding the 'right' weapon and armor after searching for so many hours will give you such a rush, this might become your most memorable experience in Elden Ring.

    1. If you are an absolute noob, you will die A LOT if you were to start as Wretch. Don't go for the Wretch unless you are into survival-psychological-existential horror lol
    2. Starting privileged is also an experience. You get to admire your drip as you stomp on tutorial mobs like a badass.
    3. As a Wretch, you will be so focused on survival that you might not have the time or luxury to appreciate the beauty of Elden Ring's gorgeous open world. Well, this varies from person to person. Some tend to see beauty around them even when they are stranded deep on some uninhabited island.
    4. You may not find the 'right' gear before fighting Margit and die to him so many times that you might even up regretting playing as a Wretch. This depends on your willpower because everyone is going to die a lot to Margit, even the privileged ones. It's just that the privileged ones wouldn't regret their choice but a Wretch might.
    5. Playing as a Wretch might ruin your first experience as a casual player. You may have to start all over again because you just couldn't git gud enough. Nothing wrong in it, though.
    6. If you really liked a particular piece of gear on one of the starting classes, you might not come across it for a long-long time. It depends on your Arcane… Ahem… I mean luck.
    7. You will start maidenless and you will stay maidenless. Why? Because maidens don't like the Wretched 😛

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