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Elden Ring – You can KILL Sellen at the END of her quest when she's a "ball"??

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Just thought this was interesting and wondered if this works anywhere else in the game. As far as I know, this is the only NPC that you can kill that’s in a “safe zone” and the safety gate isn’t lifted ie the invaders in Roundtable Hold for instance.

If you can find somewhere else that this works, let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching 🙂


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  1. Just a little note, you can see Sellen's glintstone crown embedded into her School of Graven Mages, (you can see it on the right side of the ball with your back to Rennala) whereas all of the other ones don't have it, they only have the others, so she actually has an entirely unique model, even in this form.

  2. I think that happens to her as the culmination side-effect of absorbing the bodies (or souls) of Azur and Lusat. The item description for the mass graven scholar talisman hint to that possibility… Could be.

  3. Not a prison, its human transmutation gone wrong. only a person who holds the Great Rune of the Unborn maybe be given a proper rebirth by Rennala. Its why bocs rebirth also fails.

  4. I wish the there was a way to cure her with some kind of item cuz she was so nice to us in the game smh

  5. What about that albunaric you take to the mountain top of giants? Who gives you the half of secret medallion and herself as an ash of war?

  6. The mark on the left of the screen (the golden star thing) appears in areas that you can't attack in

  7. I actually really liked Sellen as an NPC. I should have known by now that if the NPC is likeable they'll most likely end up suffering at the end of their questline. Still sad though.

  8. so the inplication of her respawning suggests that From is saying Rennala keeps rebirthing her as that head ball… forever… god she really is better off dead

  9. She’s comes back though. I did this on my first play through when the game launched. She spawns back.

  10. There's a safe room where Nepheli Loux is when she's in Godrick's throne room, it's the first room right after the Godrick boss battle

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