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Fastest League Game Ever! (WORLD RECORD)

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Fastest Game Ever in League of Legends!
In this video I go over the fastest League of Legends games ever (world records!)

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  1. These are not even solo queue? My fastest game I have ever won playing solo queue is 7 minutes and 13 seconds! Something happened in the chapmion select in the opposing team and every single one of them refused to play the game and flamed each other in /all chat

  2. I won a game in 10 minutes on old Fiora without even trying to. Got so many kills while laning in top that I backed and bought a full bloodthirster and tiamat after breaking first turret, TP'd back killed the next 2 towers solo, got a pentakill with old fiora ult and bloodthirster+tiamat combo, and ended the game.

  3. My buds and I were the ones who got the honorable mention lol. We spent a long time labbing that team comp and strategy- everything down to who kills which minions in the first couple waves was planned.

  4. Didnt someone in pro play ended the game after like 12 minutes? Against this full diamond female team if i remember right

  5. Not sure and dont remember my fastest game but i remember one game when our Trynda had 960 creeps in 40 min

  6. U are putting way too many ads dude. I got 6 ads in total this video, 3x5sec + 3x15sec they were split in 3 adsets so 20seconds each… What the actual fuck? This is a 8 minute video.

  7. There's a faster esports wins. Below the 13 minute mark even. Number 3 on this list is kinda off

  8. I just gave a like for bringing me memories with the old map and the original music, so nostalgic <3

  9. I had a game, I think it was twice, that it last around 5-8 mins because mostly on my team, there were 3-4 afk's and the enemy just pushed for win.

  10. "The reason why this is just a honorable mention is because it's against bots" *Puts in 1st place a game where the opposite team is afk*

    At least the bots were trying

  11. I remember few years ago when pro plays were boring af. Only few kills whole game. No one would risk going for kill and they would just farm whole game until one team fight that end game.
    Now it is pure chaos and I love it.

  12. Nah, fastest game ever was Xerath shooting laser into fountain in the start of the game.

  13. Is Urf Mode included? i had a weird botlane like malzahar and heimerdinger, they got inhib tower after 4.30 min?

  14. my fastest league game was when someone cut out from the game and we all decided to remake the game as soon as we could lol

  15. My fastest MOBA game wasn't on LoL but on Awesomenauts, 5 minutes tops. They did fight back but our comp was just perfect and teamplay as well while being complete strangers to each other. This is also how I saw my first salty player on the game after a year of playing. A game normally takes 20-25 minutes to complete

  16. I've only had about 10 games over my 12 years playing League where the enemy team tried to do this cheese and have never seen it work, legit can just sac 2 towers clearing what you can while your team farms sides then have a huge level lead and easily defend even 2v5 at that point

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