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Finding How to Get Shiny Alpha Pokemon in Massive Mass Outbreaks – Pokemon Legends Arceus

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Pokémon Legends Arceus V1.1 Daybreak gives us a brand new way to hunt Shiny Alpha Pokemon in Massive Mass Outbreaks.


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  1. Thank you so much for this method, in about an hour I managed to get my shiny alpha dartrix, the longest part was looking for the alpha spawns of the starter


  3. Soooo what are the odds of a shiny alpha Samurott sitting at my first massive mass outbreak for Dewott as I fly up…no shiny charm and not level 10

  4. Austin, do I have to collect the wisps first to have the chance for Spitomb massive mass outbreak; am I having bad luck when I don't get it even if I've tried for a long time?

  5. Im having problems with massive mass outbreaks spawning is anyone else having problems with it havent had one in ages

  6. @Austin I found ot that when you save at t the outbreak then turn off the game change the time on the switch it changes the spawn for the mmo

  7. Hi, what about pokemon like unown? I tried killing 2 and catching 2, catching all, killing all etc. but its always the same alpha unowns showing. Thanks

  8. If anyone is still confused even after watching the video, here's my best TLDR:

    The interactions you make in the first horde affect the second horde.
    His "2, 3, or 4" highlighted in red are the Pokemon you will KO in your first multi battle during the first horde. You will then run away from the battle if needed.

    His "2, 3, or 4" highlighted in green are the Pokemon you will KO in your second multi battle, still in the first horde. Once you've KO'd Pokemon in the desired pattern, you will catch the remaining Pokemon and the second horde will spawn.

    If your shiny Pokemon doesn't appear even after new Pokemon are spawning in the second horde, you will need to try a different pattern.

    For example:

    2 KOs -> Run from Battle -> 2 KOs = Secondary Horde A
    2 KOs -> Run from Battle -> 3 KOs = Secondary Horde B
    2 KOs -> Run from Battle -> 4 KOs = Secondary Horde C
    3 KOs -> Run from Battle -> 2 KOs = Secondary Horde D
    … and so on.

  9. Very complicated method but I think Imma leave everything to fate. I don't wanna keep track and then not have a guarantee the shiny is in there

  10. How to aggro 2 timid pokemon ? I have a seed 1,1,1,1,2 for make it spawn shiny/alpha but impossible to fight 2 of them at the same time, thank you for your answer ^^

  11. ALSO, For docile Pokémon who usually flee and won’t engage in battle … if you glob and stun a few close together and throw out your mon, usually one flees, most of the time it’ll engage with the stunned ones.

  12. @austinjohnplays Can you shiny hunt with this method if there’s only one horde ? Will the permutation method work still ?
    Say I battle the first two then catch the rest..no shiny
    I reset, go back and catch all … will the rest of the spawns from the first horde be different ??? Please and thanks, been doing my own research( writing down the ev points *001300,101321,201032..etc and noticed that when I reset and do the same exact permutation(catch all) the ev stay the same, if I battle 2 catch the rest, I’ll get slightly diff Ev’s, does that mean they are different Pokémon in general, or the evs just randomize, can’t tell since I still haven’t gotten a shiny or a alpha from doing diff perms.. just the same number of spawns .. or am I dumb and answering my own question?? Lol I overthink too much for being a simpleton.. any advice would help and be greatly appreciated !

  13. I got a shiny right then it didn’t count even though I caught it and then I reset deafest four and a typhlosion spawn unlike before so I reset deafet in the same way as when I got the shiny then the shiny didn’t appear it wasn’t in a new outbreak that spawned after it was in the same outbreak I don’t know what happened

  14. Holy crap lol I took a couple weeks break and got a lot to catch up on. First time playing after all the dlc updates. This feels like calculus to me compared to regular shiny hunting lmao

  15. Hi! I just want for assistance because i cant get aplhas on my second horde after the update 🥺🥺🥺

  16. This is probably a reworded version of what AustinJohnPlays says, but I think I've figured out something!
    So when you fight the initial massive outbreak, you can get into 1v(number) of pokemon battles.
    The number you defeat before withdrawing your pokemon is what calculates the next spawn. If you only do 1v2 battles, you'll get the spawn that comes with that calculation. Some of these are duplicates (meaning you can have three 1v2 battles and a 1v4 battle with the initial mass spawn, then the same spawn for the aforementioned 1v2 scenario comes up).

  17. Precious information have been shared! Unfortunately tho, I've tried with Gabite one with 9 spawn but the fifteen permutations didn't work! Hope I'll get luckier with the next one!

  18. This method got me an Alpha Shiny Haunter and now trying to find Alpha Spiritomb.

    EDIT: Got two normal shiny Spiritomb

  19. I was so excited, in a massive mass outbreak I found a shiny alpha spiritomb! Also in a space time distortion I found a shiny alpha Espeon.

  20. If you catch one between battling would that cause a different group to spawn? If so I think that would mean there are more rolls

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