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Gangplank moment – League of Legends #shorts

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Credit: https://www.twitch.tv/solarbacca

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  1. the fact he landed three barrels using all 5 to kill and waited for the riven to use her goredrinker on the minions before engaging is pure skill, knowledge and patience

  2. It's so balanced that you can't even counter build it. Building armor does shit since it ignores 40% armor and he has true damage on his passive autos and if you stack HP then the adc just melts you. Just dumb design.

  3. Yeah that buff when he was already pissbroken was rly needed. "Melee champion" also btw + hella unskilled

  4. I mean gangplanks on the same level as riven atm with how annoying and boring he is to play against, they're both aids champs

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