Grand Theft Auto San Andreas PC: I Like A Nice Mustache

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This is my Let’s Play on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for the PC. A Very Special thank you to InternetRob for inspiring me to make a better looking version of San Andreas than the Definitive Edition and a true Remaster of the Classic. Shoutout and thank you to Badinfos for creating a guide to install the mods because this is my first time that I changed the game with mods outside of adding maps like in Left 4 Dead PC. And a big thank you to TrashBeta for the Video of Downgrading San Andreas so that I can add the mods and add in San Andreas Multiplayer. All of the links will be down below to check that out.

TrashBeta Channel

How To Downgrade Any Version Of GTA SA To v1.0

Badinfos Channel

Re: I Remastered GTA San Andreas (with mods) – FULL INSTALLATION GUIDE

Internet Robs Channel

I Remastered GTA San Andreas (with mods)

My San Andreas Playlist for The Mixtape


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