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🛑⚠️GTA V Main Protagonists⚠️🛑
GTA 5 is the first game in the Grand Theft Auto series that allows players to switch between three playable protagonists at any time during free roam and missions.

Michael, Franklin and Trevor are distinctly different from each other, with their own attitudes, lifestyles, goals and issues, as well as unique skills and special abilities.

Michael De Santa
Performer / Actor: Ned Luke
Michael is a middle-aged, retired bank robber. After being apparently killed 9 years ago during a past operation with Trevor in North Yankton, Michael made a deal with the FIB and was sent off to live a new life in Los Santos under the disguise of “witness protection”. He now lives in a mansion in Rockford Hills with his dysfunctional family: disrespectful daughter Tracey, lazy son Jimmy, and spendthrift wife Amanda – who all had to change their surname from “Townley” to “De Santa”.

Franklin Clinton
Performer / Actor: Shawn Fonteno
Franklin is a young gang member who dreams of becoming big-time in Los Santos, in a world where the glory days of street gangs has long passed. He works as a repo man for a luxury car dealership, but his ambition makes him tired of the job. He soon crosses paths with Michael De Santa, who takes him under his wing.

Trevor Philips
Performer / Actor: Steven Ogg
The less said about Trevor, the better. A former airman, career criminal, and Michael’s old best friend and partner in crime, Trevor is a mentally unstable drug addict, now living in a trailer park full of meth heads and biker gangs in Sandy Shores, Blaine County. He founded “Trevor Philips Enterprises”, which mainly deals with weapons and drugs. He is the designated pilot of the team.
Major Characters

The major characters in the storyline of Grand Theft Auto V. This includes friends, family and associates of the protagonists, plus the main antagonists in the game.

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