Elder Ring

Helping a Wretch Play Elden Ring – Going Boss Hunting in Limgrave

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After conquering both Fort Haight and Castle Morne, the Wretch is ready to take the next big step in her chaotic quest – defeating some bosses in Limgrave! Will the Wretch and her wretched sidekicks be able to overcome their most difficult challenge yet? Join us to find out!

VOD SQUAD UNITE! Watching this after the livestream has happened? Then you’re part of the VOD Squad! Leave us a comment with the hashtag #VODSquad and we could read out your comment in a future livestream. Thanks for joining us!

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  1. This my favorite content from you; it's just like playing a game with friends–fun, and informal.

  2. Funny that you started talking about cheese so much. I'm eating a French cheese variety right now.
    I start to like this series better than the Bloodborne one. Mostly because everyone seems to enjoy themselves with this.
    "Is cheese a fruit?" 😂

  3. From the vodsquad:
    A man went to see chickens fight
    And after, he tried to take flight.
    A chicken with knife
    removed every drop of his life.
    Who knew chickens wielded such might?

  4. Rosie, dunno if you found it but the poison cure can be found from a merchant at coastal cove not far from the first step and can be crafted if you buy the the recipes from merchant Kalè at the church of elleh.

  5. Loyal VOD squad member here, still haven't played Elden Ring but love watching your streams so I can't resist. Love me some 'Wretched' gameplay

  6. Vod squad member here, really enjoying this stream! Where do you announce the next live stream? Would be great to try and get in on it one day!

  7. Watching this for the second time and I love how Ash genuinely apologizes off mic to Rob.😂😂😭

  8. VOD Squad. Fun Fact: Jeremy Irons couldn't finish singing as Scar in The Lion King, so the remainder of "Be Prepared" was sung by Jim Cummings. That's right, the voice of (amongst others) Winnie the Pooh and Tigger.

  9. (Stunned silence)
    “…we are PATHETIC.”

    Absolutely choking with laughter 😂😂😂

  10. VOD Squad. Well done on beating the sentinel!! But let's keep subsequent bosses lactose free, I believe in you! 😜

  11. VOD Squad: Finally caught up with the streams. Excellent as always. Looking forward to the next episode of the series and by episode, I of course mean a scene by scene reenactment of another Dinsey classic

  12. Loved the stream! Def should keep doing community summoning boss fights or even pvp events, the player base is absolutely massive atm, it’ll be a shame not to take advantage of all us players currently playing this great game! Maybe have Rosie or Rob being pov sometimes and have summon fights, and u never know u might see some of us invading as well for some good laughs XD Keep up the great work!

  13. I've had a pretty bad day of video game and just being awake for other reasons due to health issues and such and having technology issues but watching this is making me feel really good even though I would be too scared to play these types of games myself 🙂

  14. On the topic of impressions: if you say the Nemesis "STARS" with a question mark, you sound like Scooby-Doo.

  15. Rosie, odd one this, but are u perhaps in some early Caddiccarus videos? U bear a remarkable resemblance to his sister… strange observation I know…

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