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How Elden Ring Was Made and Why The Director Feels Apologetic

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This Elden Ring documentary details the development of the high fantasy RPG Elden Ring and goes behind the scenes of its creation. Discover more about renowned game developer Hidetaka Miyazaki, who directed Elden Ring and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice at the same time. Directing Elden Ring felt very fresh to Miyazaki thanks to the unexpected collaboration with famous author George R.R. Martin. The Documentary also explores all the design decisions that the studio FromSoftware made and shows how they took all the lessons learned from creating Dark Souls and applied it to a huge open world.

It also takes a close look at all the hurdles the team had to go through. One of the trickier obstacles the developers had to deal with was trying to stop the player from getting bored. Additionally, the studio had to figure out how to give players as much freedom as possible, without it feeling overwhelming. An open world with lots of exploring to do meant the pacing had to be absolutely perfect. Furthermore, the documentary delves into why FromSoftware likes to make difficult games and why that’s not going to change anytime soon. Lastly, it takes a look at what might be next in store for Elden Ring and what FromSoftware might be planning to develop next.


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  1. Miyazaki basically admitted that Elden Ring is just another stepping stone leading to his “ideal game”…
    In my mind this means we have yet to see his ‘magnum opus’..

  2. Miyazaki: "I just want as many players as possible to experience the joy of overcoming hardship."
    Game: You just lost 100k runes because you failed to pick them up before the boss stabbed you in the ass

  3. U said why he felt some regret before release but not why he is apologetic… he had nothing to be sorry for. Clickbait title

  4. My mistake was being too completionist on my first playthrough which stymied my enjoyment. It's not my favourite FromSoft game but the expansive world they created was stunning. The inverted Carian Study Hall absolutely blew my mind.

  5. The first game to completely draw me in for quite a few years. Had never played any prior From titles.. It’s a real masterpiece, in my humble opinion..

  6. Tbh i hated dark souls all my life , Elden changed my opinion and now after a major binge I’m 7 hours in dark souls 3 after beating the first 2 .

    Seriko next

    I’ll miss blood borne unfortunately but I hate exclusives they ruin gaming

  7. The story for the game was beatiful. I truly and deeply loved the spins and foreshadowing etc. I wonder if they can ever match how wonderfully made this game was. 200+ hours played.

  8. Oh look, Miyazaki once again not addressing a certain second rate manga because it’s not any sort of inspiration for him as the maidenless fans of that manga hope for it to be. Omegalul

  9. The Shadow of the Colossus influence is interesting. Elden Ring’s world has a stark, desolate beauty that strongly reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus.

  10. The sheer size and scope of this game is truly amazing. Its really sad when you get to the end knowing your amazing, memory filled adventure has come to a close 🙁 ER will go down as one of my favorite games in my 30+ year of playing video games. Truly a great game, great memories. Thank you Miyazaki.

  11. Scrolling through a comment section like this for 10+ min and not seeing a single bad word about a game is almost more of a testament to the quality of a game than anything else. What a mind-boggling, industry altering game in a time when bloated, copy-paste, money driven algorithm produced games are the norm. It's so impressive how well made this game is and also how well it was received. I know many people have said this already but I have to echo the hope that other game developers can learn from ER's success. Because it can't be overstated how poor quality we've come to except from companies like blizzard, ea, and ubisoft.

  12. 17:00 No reason for him to apologize, they brought "hard games" back with Demon Souls…prior to that there was Ninja Gaiden Black and uh you'd prob have to go back to NES/SNES games to find actual hard games. IMO the 2000's SUCKED really bad for single player games with a high difficulty/skill cap, Demon Souls reminded gamers that dying is fun!

  13. Elden ring is to the medieval fantasy genre what red dead redemption 2 is to the Wild West genre. Such a rich world with so much to explore and discover. The lore is second to none

  14. Miyazaki should make the spiritual successor to bloodborne based on Fever Dream, like how Dark Souls isn't a direct sequel to Demon Souls

  15. Miyazaki combines many great traits into a rare skillset. He's passionate about his work, has creative talent, leadership skills and he's got great imagination regarding what the players will do/think when the content is presented in a certain way. There is also a strong will to do things "in his own way", instead of blindly following the standard Bethesda/Ubisoft formula. This makes him and his crew very competent and one of the best game dev studios out there.
    Cheers, From Software and Miyazaki! You've provided me with far more than 1000 hours filled with curiositiy, excitement, wonder, adrenaline and immense satisfaction!

  16. Elden Ring was… ok. As someone who’s followed these games since Demon Souls it was a bit disappointing.

  17. The Eternal Champion books are awesome and I can totally see how they influenced Elden Ring. I would recommend anyone that loves dark dramatic fantasy to check them out!

  18. No matter what boss it is from margott to malenia beating any of them feels amazing and gratifying

  19. Elden Ring simply one the best games created of this current era and all time. I haven't felt this fulfilled In a single game in nearly 2 decades, definitely the definition of a work of art.

  20. It’s safe to say I’m very excited for what’s next
    FS and Miyazaki have captured my attention ever since I walked through boletaria over and over and over again on that blob boss
    Never getting the hint “use fire” (cause I was like 11 and dumb)
    Till I did and I felt like a GOD
    It was all over from there
    So happy that this franchise has come so far and I’m here to experience it all

  21. Fix your "Masterpiece" Miasaki FAST. PvP and Balance are the worst in the entire Series. Hurry Up man. Its a real shame to see, the good ons of us had so much hope…

  22. Does anyone know specifically what martin worked on? Like did he come up with the demi gods and the golden order? Was it just stuff that happens off screen?

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