"If You Did Him in November You're So Happy Right Now!"

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  1. He’s a magician in the midfield honestly his dribbling is so smooth passes like prime xavi and his long shots are incredible I thought he would be a good cdm ended up being a unreal B2B so happy it’s a upgrade to his rule breakers.

  2. I have viera and 800 k modric is it sensible to do him guys? İf I do him i will sell modric and get a striker and moments dalglish will go to bench

  3. As someone who tends to procrastinate over whether to do an sbc and end up having to watch multiple reviews, Verratti was an insta complete for me. Used his rulebreaker card for way longer than he should have been relevant for. Got toty Messi but not been able to pack any Ligue 1 tots so fitting him in with links was beginning to be a bit of a struggle. Fladhback Verratti solved that instantly. Guy is a demon. Seems to be everywhere at once. Stuck a hunter on him and he has it all, best b2b i’ve used in a long time.

  4. he's such a beast for me. I got his RB card and it was sick, I've got rid of it though along with many others in a fit of rage so it was so wholesome to see him walk out with the back injury 😂

  5. Did this card with all my fodder Than ended up packing packing paqueta so it’s bitter sweet

  6. His end game card least season was by far my favourite player in the game. I hope this one feels as good.

  7. I remember doing his rulebreakers on the last day coz Nick said I would regret not doing him and boy he was right, I’m fighting demons not to do icon pack and do him instead but idk

  8. I had 500+ games with his ruler breakers and only stopped using his after community TOTS he so so good in game and seeing this new card come out makes me wanna switch back to my old team just to use him

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