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The Ligue 1 TOTS Pack Weight is INSANE

In this video we talk TOTS upgrade packs, Ligue 1 TOTS Market and some potential investments for this weekends Serie A TOTS team!

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  1. 11 player picks no walkouts, 1 totw Robertson
    5 premium upgrades no 83's
    Then at last , 75*10 Neymar tots and saliba tots

  2. I got a Paqueta,Lafont, and a lot of Terriers I’ve then got a few other non Ligue 1 tots for the 81+

  3. Hahaha pathetic did 100 of these over past 2 days nothing most highest rating 87 sancho awful

  4. Did 8 of the premium upgrades. Got fofana/guendouzi/saliba. Recycled the common golds got 2 x 87 1 x86 1 x 83 from 81 player picks. Think il leave the ligue 1 player pack alone as also have mendes payet and Lafont high odds il pack a dupe.

  5. will gold theo hernandez go up in a similar way as marquinhos out of packs?
    I mean it's almost sure EA will give theo a tots

  6. Did a bunch of these today. Got 5 Lafonts and terriers, 2 salibas, 1 guendo, 1 mendes. Just as I called it a night and submitted my last dupes into an icon sbc, packed a Ben yedder in a random electrum pack and made 2.1 mil coins. Good day

  7. They should have put repeatable icon packs in sbc’s. Ive spent 300k on upgrades and completed 2 icon moment 93+ packs, verrati and emerson. I stopped opening pack because there is nothing to put dupes in

  8. The upgrade is fantastic although we were overwhelmed by it, we forgot how bad that 10+75 sbs requirements two in totw or tots for 84 saqud

  9. Strangely.. I've packed 4 Ligue1 TOTS from those 75+ 2 player packs in the Golden Goal mode. But nothing from 3 75+ x10 packs and 20 Ligue1 25k packs. I'm tempted to do those stupid 75+ 2 player packs but can't bring myself to throw 11 rares in when the 25ks cost the same.

  10. Did about 40 total, upgrade packs, and player picks. best pulls sergio ramos and ter stegen. Time is more valuable. just sold my cards , will sell rest with guarantee TOTS and buy whoever i want with profits. been making like 800-900k, with fodder every week.

  11. honestly i cba grinding upgrades anymore. Done w the game after ultimate tots so just gonna buy the players i wanna use and can afford like paqueta and try to have some fun for the last couple of weeks.

  12. Third YouTuber telling me the tots rate is insane. Can you swap one of your tots for my 3 Vollands please!? Lol

  13. Pack weight is nowhere near bundes packs. Or ember packing 10 out of 16 that I did and I’ve barely packed 2 Belgium 89 tots from 26 so the packs are definitely terrible. Ligue 1 premium is absolute dogshit highest I’ve gotten is Volland or Ivardi back to back to back to back

  14. I love how he brings joy and laughter to all of us

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