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MAJOR Leveling changes in Dragonflight! | World of Warcraft Dragonflight

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This video will talk about all the MAJOR changes to leveling coming in the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion called Dragonflight! We will speak of new and veteran player changes, including the brand new race-class combo, Dracthyr Evoker. Additionally, we will also talk about the brand new talent tree introduced in Dragonflight and look at the opportunities with Threads of Fate.

00:00 Intro
00:15 Leveling Changes for NEW Players
00:54 Leveling Changes for Veteran Players
01:41 Dracthyr Evoker Leveling
02:09 NEW Talent Tree In Dragonflight
03:24 Threads of Fate in Dragonflight

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  1. The features look on point. I just hope the actual questing experience be good…
    Shadowlands leveling experience was so bad, i rather take threads of fate then replay the story line… all the handholding they did on the leveling totaly killed any sense of mistery or exploration… and the zones felt so small… literaly felt like a theme park… and i know WoW is classified as a theme park mmo… but it had never been THIS bad… like just at the start on Bastion, Klea literaly acts as a tourist guide: "Here we have the lobby, where souls come in tru! And to the right, we have the halls of memories, where you will do little to nothing! But they look cute!…"

  2. I just wish Blizzard didn't bomb so hard with Shadowlands. I've followed the game with subs off and on since 04 and I thought WoD was the most hated expansion, but commenters on Reddit and on other YT pages seem to say Shadowlands was the biggest flop. Paired with the lawsuit stuff, Blizzard has seen better days. Can Microsoft help pull Blizz out of this funk and give the players something great again? I definitely hope so. I personally don't need distractions like their recent mobile game. I want to get back into WoW and see what their creative minds have been up to. And, like many others, I hope that THIS expansion's "big bad" will be more memorable and engaging. Not just some big blue Spock, telling everyone that resistance is futile and their efforts are illogical in as few words as possible.

  3. So many of my alts are going to get leveled again now. I just had a harder time leveling alts in Shadowlands compared to other expansions.

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