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Manipulate SHINY Spawns in Pokemon Legends Arceus Daybreak

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  1. I still don't know a good way to battle more than one pokemon. Every time I try I battle just one and I'm not throwing the ball directly at it.

  2. Does this work for standard mass outbreaks? I.E killing one then catching the rest vs killing two, etc…

  3. Why heading to the city the outbreak disappear?? Is there a way to manipulate if no shiny at all?

  4. Thanks Blaines, I felt you did a good job explaining exactly what to do, much clearer than others who explained findings in a 30min video that was so confusing without getting to the point

  5. How do you get multiple Pokémon to battle you at once though? 19 times outta 20 they just divert to battling me individually

  6. im confused after KO 4 pokemons,,,,,,, about combo 2-2 2-3 2-4 3-2
    is it KO in first – second horde?

  7. Got a spiritomb alpha horde and have been trying to k.o. them in different combos but no alpha shiny yet

  8. Hasn’t worked for me. Tried twice now. Spent a long time trying to simulate. And yes I’m doing everything the video says

  9. Too long lol. Better just fly above all spots and reload outbreaks if no shineys and / or no stars group

  10. So sad Eevee can't spawn in the massive mass outbreaks 😭 But thanks for covering the new method Blaines!!

  11. I feel this method only works for specific mons bc most Pokémon won’t do gang battles i can’t get oshuwatt to do a 1v2 or 1v3

  12. I’ve had zero shiny luck since they updated it and took our old method away. So annoying

  13. If you're low on berries you can save on entry with auto save off feed munchlax take screenshot of the map then close and restart the game

    You can also close and restart the game to check all pokemon on the map in batches if desired

  14. I was doing this method tonight, ended up manipulating 2 Shiny Alpha Pokemon thanks to you Blaines! Its really cool too as well to see the different outcomes of each combination for killing 2, 3 or 4 in one group. I also tested tonight and worked i dont know if you tried but killing 2 then run, then kill another 2 then catch all and I ended up with a Shiny Alpha Scyther as the second to last alpha spawn. Very thankful for your videos!

  15. You know you're doing a great job when other content creators laughed and made fun of this method and now are covering it. Keep the amazing content coming.

  16. i would do this but last time i did a mass outbreak of happiny i was horrified by a bunch of alpha chansey

  17. The Rowlet giveaway is getting very frustrating now, you said it’s not busy yet I’ve tried soooomany times for all these giveaways and not been able to get anything!! And yet so many people when u get on to trade with them already have it like they’re either showboating or trying to get multiple which just seems selfish when some of us don’t have any, do you have any recommendations?
    Thanks x

  18. I see others claiming it as "their own findings" but real OG's know that this method was found weeks ago already. Me and my friends even call it the "Blaines Method."
    Keep up the great work dude, much love from down under 🤙🏼

  19. Not sure if this was mentioned but it should be noted that trying to do this with pokemon that tend to runaway is practically out of the question. It just isn't going to be as fast and effective.

  20. I somehow got 2 carnivines to have the star in the same massive outbreak and I think, "no way, I can get at least 2 alpha shinies using this method!" My unlucky ass didn't get either one to spawn a shiny at all🤦‍♂️😂

  21. Its a very good method but not 100% if anyone wonders why he/she diesnt get any shinies. Nonetheless personally helped me a lot. Thanks Blaines!!

  22. I couldn’t get the rowlet but I have a oshawott and a cyndaquil is somebody willing to trade with me

  23. Does this still work on Outbreaks that Do Not have a Star? I’m trying this on a Spiritomb one and it goes through 8 of them in 2 waves of 4 regular ones followed by 6 Alphas. I’ve been trying different combinations of kill/catch tho is there a spread sheet that lists each combination we can try?

  24. Hmm…I never understand this guide but…I havent got that far in the game either way.

  25. 7:37 when blaines says knockout “2:2” is he talking about different ko combinations in he first and second hordes? ex: ko 2 first horde, catch the rest. second horde, ko 2 catch the rest?

  26. I missed the video on the day it released </3 sorry for the betrayal king lmao, but a very nice video as always!

  27. Standard Permutation for 8


    Variation Permutations for 8


    If there's more than 8, you can calculate the next set of patterns

    Those would bes combination to change the outcome of the horde.
    I do not know if the horde can be manipulated like regular outbreaks since they spawn about 6 of them (usual case with alphas).

    You can try to do the permutations of 2 on them to see if the result of the last 2 that spawn would be any different, but since there's only 2 spawns after the initial 4 I doubt they could change.

  28. I recommend if you’re resting for a massive outbreak and you get a normal outbreak just check that outbreak rq before going back to jubilife. I’ve literally gotten 3 extra shinies by just checking the area before resetting the map. Yes it does take a lil extra time but I do believe it’s worth it.

  29. My technique is that I'll give Aguav Berries to Munchlax to see the spawns. Then I'll take a picture on my phone, then reset the game 😀

  30. If you save in Jublife will you get different Pokémon each time so you wont have to find another outbreak if you only wanted a specific shiny?

  31. After he encountered charm “oh my fu-“ hey Blaines you want to finish that sentence

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