New PS4 & PS5 Games This Week

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New games releasing on PS5 and PS4 this week include the Deathverse: Let It Die network test, Silt, Behind the Frame, and …


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  1. Wow!
    These games look great!
    Especially that anime one!
    And I think I read about the first one in a magazine several years ago!

  2. Don't come tomorrow telling us that the PS Plus games are GoW, Shinobi Strikers and Nickelodeon Brawl. I can't deal with these scraps anymore.

  3. Can we get Dino Crisis made already for PS5 or something I’d be 💩 my pants for days 😂

  4. I've already earmarked SuperMassive's The Quarry as my June game. But I'm curious, is the accessibility collection a collection of regular games with extensive accessibility features or games specifically created for differently abled persons? Because I always assumed it was the latter and that does not apply to me, I've never been motivated to check the collection. Your continued persistence including the shout out at the end of each of these videos has me curious as to what hidden gems might be hiding in the collection, should it be the former.

  5. So will state of play mention how single player games on the new Ps Plus have DRM? OR mention you have to sign in once a week to access them? What happened to PlayStation? Oh right Jim Ryan.

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