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No Greater Love – Memorial Day (2,245+ Wins/48,000+ Kills) | Call of Duty: Warzone

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Playing some Warzone Pacific w/ my brother, Snake, until 4 PM ET, then squads w/ SoCaLove & the DK crew until 6 ET (6 wins in stream, 5 in a row to end). Remembering those that made the ultimate sacrifice, we’re forever indebted to you.

Snake’s Channel:

Check out the new tanks and merch over at: (Alpha Team members check your perks for discount code, Veterans receive 10% off as well)

Streaming approx. 2-4 hours, 5-7 days a week.

Want to join the team/502? Get access to perks here:

If you’d like to donate, you can now do so in chat, or you can here:

Gifted memberships are also now live on the channel!

Any and all donations are greatly appreciated!

[502] Specter (MattBourdon)
520+ Solo Warzone Wins
2,200+ Warzone Wins
48,000+ Warzone Kills


(All Times EST)

Monday: Stream @ 1-6 PM
Tuesday: Video @ 3 PM
Wednesday: Stream @ 1-6 PM
Friday: Stream @ 1-6 PM
Saturday: Video @ 3 PM
Sunday: Stream @ 10 AM

We bring real world military training and tactics to our fights, making each engagement more in depth than your typical one. We shoot, move, and communicate very efficiently, let’s just say that.

#Specter #Warzone #MemorialDay


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  1. Good Morning Everyone patience is not my specialty, patience is a virtue. To waiting on Sam and Shelby I have all day👍👍 Good Luck Day

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