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OMG All Of These Buffs Stack…

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OMG All Of These Buffs Stack…

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  1. That was my first build this season. I thought I was the only one. Only difference is I'm a hammer titan. Add elemental charge, taking charge, font, HEF, explosive wellmaker. All solar weapons with cataclysm bait n switch. Melee hammer throw procs radiant and goodnight.

  2. so does bait and switch stack with the 70% buff from font high energy and radiant ? im kinda confused

  3. Try with Wormy Launcher 20× and Firewalker, you'll delete everything oh also the Land Tank GL wavelauncher

  4. I wonder if mantel of battle harmony would stack with all this to take the damage buffing even higher???

  5. Did you check Titan with the exotic leg armor the gives solar weapon damage boost? I know that's more specific but I'm curious

  6. Storm chaser with clown cart/firing line on team based activities producing even more dps. Also arc is next👀

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