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PS5 Gameplay now LIVE! APEX Legends with my Boi Lolsworth!

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Brand new Thumbnail brought to you by my boy Aidan! Check out his links, show him some love and tell him Woddy_333 sent ya!


Queue system is now in operation for gaming streams. 5 rounds per person and then we rotate to the next in the queue.

!join – to enter the queue.
!leave – to leave the queue
!list – To see the queue

Want to send me something?
PO Box 4050
Londonderry, NSW 2753

You don’t have to but if just can’t resist, use the following link for donations;

What gameplay do you guys want to see next??

Finally moved up to a PS5 and it feels crisp. Hopefully some of the boys jump on but until then we might mix it up with some randoms. Don’t ask unless you are Subscribed.

Be sure to keep an eye out for my regular Pokemon card opening live streams with celebrations and Fusion Strike being the set’s I am currently trying to complete. Also the new online store is now live for those who want to get involved and have packs opened up LIVE during the next Pokemon stream.

New and Improved weekly schedule
Tuesday & Thursday PS5 gameplay starting from 7pm AEST
Wednesday pre-recorded Pokemon video
Sunday funday with LIVE Pokemon card opening stream starting at 8am AEDT. Get your packs from my online store below.
Website – https://www.woody333.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/woody_333_yt
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/woody_333_yt/

Did You win a Prize? Please email the following details to [email protected] so we can get it sent out to you. -Full name, postal address, email and phone number.

Thumbnail for this video is property of Woody_333 and can not be used without written permission.

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