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Red Dead Redemption 2 with a Therpaist: Part 27 | Dr. Mick

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Part 27 of our Red Dead Redemption 2 with a Therapist playthrough!

Join me as I use Red Dead Redemption 2 to illustrate various psychological concepts and theories by analyzing events, relationships, and more using my “therapist brain” throughout the playthrough.

Dr. Mick is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with a PhD in Human Development.

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  1. The reason of why the doctor lit his pipe right there may have been bc back then, they didn't know there was any negative effects of smoking. Heck, I'm pretty sure marketers were saying it was good for you back then.

  2. I cry everytime during that scene with Molly. Felt my heart drop this time when she came in yelling, I completely forgot it was during that quest. She deserved so much better

  3. Fun little detail for you, Doc.

    The chess moves Dutch is reciting as you walk up to him? It's the opening of the Dutch Defense strategy. It's famous…for relying on sacrificing a great deal of smaller pieces to guarantee eventually victory through large piece positioning. Dutch is admitting, out loud, what we see further in the story. It's exactly what he does and exemplifies both that he has fully devolved into seeing the group as his chess pieces, marks the moment where he commits to the eventual outcome, highlights that he has slipped lassed the point of no return as pertains his sanity, and shows why he loses in the end– the sacrifices almost always ensure loss. It isn't looked on highly in most chess circles.

    It also is played from Black versus White. Which is symbolic to me that he knows not just that he's on defense, but that he knows what he's doing is wrong– and has ceased to care.

  4. @12:40 It's the turn of the 20th century, bro, doctors were lightin' up in surgery suites till the 50s' or 60's. Smoking wasn't outright banned in hospitals till the late 80's-early 90's. Pretty wild to think about. XD

  5. One aspect of Molly not being discussed is that she was drunk. All her inhibitions, anger frustrations are amplified through alcohol

  6. 😝 How realistic is this game? Apparently, very realistic. I have never seen so many people get triggered by fictional characters in a game in an artificial world set in a time 200 years ago.

  7. I like to think the deer symbolizes both what Arthur wishes to be, as well as the idolized version of the west/the world he refers to earlier in the game, when he’s remarking that even that isn’t the same. Deer typically are thought to be a noble animal, but they’re also wild, so it’s freedom but also dignity and I think those are attributes Arthur wants to see in himself.

  8. I know I'm not watching these in a timely way, but some stuff I wanted to add on about Molly: she was drunk, which means her inhibitors were probably not fully functional and she didn't find the group, she was brought to them–by Bill, who was on the outs. This could have been a very different confrontation if Molly weren't inebriated and the encounter was one-on-one with Arthur by chance rather than her being brought before the group for judgement.

  9. I somehow missed this episode and didn't realize until the overview lmaoooo, I knew something was off when we just accepted Arthur was sick and Molly was dead but I just rolled with it😅 But the scene for Arthur's diagnosis was just..damn man, then for him to be taken up in a hot air balloon and seeing how small he is…I wonder if he looked at how beautiful the world is and wished he had seen it without the constant trouble of the group. I wonder how he felt looking at how vast the world was compared to him after just having been confronted with how mortal he really is. Also Dutch treating the lives of the gang as part of some elaborate chess game was just unsettling. It really shows that he lost sight of the members in the group as people and has boiled them down to what they can do as his pawns.

  10. Spoiler Alert

    the first thing arthur thinks when he gets the diagnosis is "we can;t change what's done. we can only move on"

    that just makes me a bit sad. that he is so used to death that even his own death is something that he just goes "welp that's the way it is"

  11. 45:57 if Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible filmed in the era, this mission would totally fit to rescue someone 😂😂😂. Instead of hanging from a chopper you got a hot air ballon

  12. I loved your analysis of Molly. It's so easy to blame her and hate on her. Her character has always made me sad. Glad you gave her a fair reading.

  13. Kinda lost track of this series but I'm looking forward to watching them all when they come out. After this game I suggest the game "FireWatch" it's pretty short and about 5 or 6 years old but it's really really good

  14. I think it's interesting Dutch brings up chess in the conversation. It seems like he equates everyone in the gang as pieces in the game between them and the Pinkerton's.

  15. Earlier in the game, maybe when Arthur and Charles are scoping out Dewberry Creek (I don’t quite remember); Arthur makes a statement to the tune of how Dutch would never hide in a cave because that’d be admitting they’re nothing more than low down criminals. And now here we are at chapter 6.

    Loving the play through.

  16. Definitely looking forward to these videos as they come out and it's really been a wild ride so far. The stream is always so welcoming and a great environment.

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