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RIP Faction Divide 2004-2022 Or Will It Actually Get WORSE? 9.2.5 Next Week, Bugs – Warcraft Weekly

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World of Warcraft will start undergoing a fundamental change in the way it works by allowing players from the opposite faction to finally work together! We take a look at that, some of the last minute quirks of the upcoming 9.2.5 patch and more!

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0:00 Excited yet?
0:29 9.2.5 release date and news
1:54 Cross faction, solved problems and new ones
5:33 Is 9.2.5 ready for launch?
8:44 How’d it go this week
10:17 The part you can skip, I warned you

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  1. school shootings aren't new. the first one happened in 1764. The amount of school shootings has gone up compared to 1980's which correlates with the rise in population. People get in their emotions about school shootings and thats understandable… but you weren't safer as a kid. You just didnt have the internet.

  2. Yeah League of Legends has also something like that social thingi and it is still one of the most toxic games, so probably it doesnt matter.
    So I have no hope that it will change anything to be honest 😀

  3. Thank you for bringing up the hard topics, they can never go unheard. Keep up the good work Soul

  4. Will need to rename it from World of Warcraft to World of Holding hands, the faction divide is a HUGE part of this games lore. Cross faction stuff can still be done but not at the expense of ruining the lore even more than it already has been.

  5. Calling it now! This whole combined factions means that next expansion they will make 1 capital city. Half of the city/zone hubs for quests.

    This will be a way to cut down how much art/zone development there is. A way to save money to make less of the game

    And give Blizz an excuse to not focus on pvp

  6. Thank you for bringing up the real stuff! Rational discussion is the precursor to real solutions.

  7. It always seemed like since MoP they had a Focused expansion on the FACTION war, and then next would be more outerworld enemy with some fraction friction. And it just kept repeating. And the Faction War expansions were always shitty.

  8. Thanks for the Vid, and surely we are going to have bad apples from both sides with the cross-faction play. And Hopefully, those will stop after a month. I do remember the order halls and seeing other races there, it was awesome. And then we have the potion to talk to the Horde, but by now we should have learned the other languages to some degree to talk to each other. I do worry about the lack of content coming and what it will mean for those players who are not into the big three.

  9. 4:00 miss representing others the only way lefties can make an argument … you guys are so limited has people and players go play a game like LOL where just talking in chat can get you banned most players opt by not even having a chat in that game because of the culture implemented by RIOT, dude in general go play other games!

  10. thank you for the last segment. My parents had to worry about seatbelts and white vans.. now I have to worry that a psychopath is going to show up where my kid is during the day. It's an underlying and ever present worry.

  11. My concern is how this new reporting system is going to be abused. It specifically States quote ability quote in it. Now does this mean that every time someone gets booted for underperforming and then reports it that group leader is going to get a mandatory vacation from the game?

  12. I think your absolutely right Soul. They will probably release a small patch for season 4. They haven't really tested Fated…

  13. i always think wye do i have to be at war with the other faction? wye cant i be a blood-elf and dont give a shit about the war or horde! im just a blood elf and i choose who i want to support or not. just because the factions are at war dsnt mean i agree with it.

  14. Cross Faction we are getting with 9.2.5 should have came at the tail end of MoP, they do mercenaries in pvp why random dungeons is the line they drew in the sand I just don't get.

  15. Thank you for your WoW insights Soul, but, thank you so much more for bringing in the real stuff too!!! We need more people to be brave enough to speak up!!! 🥰

  16. I like the faction divide also but am also annoyed by the pattern each expansion of: hate each other at the beginning and then ultimately combine forces to beat the big bad. I think what they are doing is good for the game.

  17. Damn dude.. that last line "… those kids dident have a choice either" rly hit the feels man and im not even from that part of the world, still breaks my heart when I read about the shootings in the newspaper though. =(

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