Sifu: 10 Minutes of Gameplay – No Death Playthrough

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We were challenged by the developers of Sifu to attempt to beat The Club level without dying, and so, we did! Check out 10 minutes of Sifu gameplay with zero deaths.

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  1. Is there an easy mode on consoles? He delivers so much damage with just single hits.
    That's not even close to my experience.

  2. It is the advanced version of Final Fight 🙂 the boring part is, you fight with 3 person and they wait their turn to attack :)) thanks for the gameplay btw

  3. The True SIFU Challenge. Not to be confused with the SEAFOOD Challenge where my great uncle Bolo met his somewhat timely demise.

  4. So you can kill people by palming them but he sources his throat getting slashed and can still speak

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