Sifu BACKLASH proves it's time to GATEKEEP! Keep ACTIVISTS out of video games!

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The gaming media is obsessed with trying to destroy the video game community by calling it topic. No games better represent this …


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  1. You absolutely right. Gaming has always been welcoming but it was for the appreciation of the game itself now you have people bringing up useless ish that makes gaming a lecture and chore instead of what they should be FUN. Yea time to introduce someform of gatekeeping. No reviews from you until you played the game full out so a week after release that is just me

  2. nah bruh i hate these people who got beef with everything …REELLAAX LET US JUST PLAY GAMES, great video btw ⚡⚡

  3. I think you are spending to much time on the internet, nobody gives a shit about these gaming articles. These people will always exsist.

  4. Platinumed the game in 2 days after platinuming cuphead, sekiro and bloodborne all before elden ring came out. Which I'm glad because I have nothing else to do, and once I finish elden ring, Imma move on to the dark souls series. May everyone have a blessed day and may god be with you, Amen.

  5. Game journalist honestly have no say in how good a game does, or what happens to developers, it’s the community that plays the game itself that holds more power. Not to mention I feel like this article is so niche that they just make shit like this for attention. These people are ridiculous, and the game has already been critically acclaimed, so I feel it’s time for them to grow up and write something worth reading

  6. fuck them sifu is one of the best martial arts games ever made and challenges you to be the best

  7. Chinese ppl don't mind this so-called cultral reference thing.
    Most ppl there are happy if they saw foreigner use Chinese element in their product, as soon as they claim it's China origin.

    But I do understand some race feel more distured by this cause they have a more trauma history.
    I still wish they could allow others to use the element. Different culture should keep interacting with each other instead of closing themselves for no matter reason.

  8. Dude your reading is fucking EXCELLENT!! And your right about the mw2 lobbies. 👏🏾👍🏾

  9. Game journalists need to stfu, they are insane and literally no one in the gaming community gives a fuck what they say. Who the fuck is paying these guys?

  10. Look… its a fun game with a great story. And in the little time of that story it has great character development. basically it pulls of miracles that most AAA games can’t and it doesn’t push some stupid agenda. Basically every reason for game journalist to be mad.

  11. They should try approaching non-asian martial artists and telling them that they're appropriating the culture and see how that goes.

  12. Right… because there aren't over 3,000 JRPGs set Colonial, Midieval, Roman, etc times, all set over wHite men😐

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