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Solo Flawless Duality Dungeon Completion (All 12 Calus Memories & Bonus Chests Included) [Destiny 2]

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Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted – Solo Flawless Duality Dungeon on a Warlock & All 12 Calus Repressed Memory Locations With Audio & Both Bonus Chests / Solo Flawless Duality Dungeon in Season of the Haunted / Duality Guide Season of the Haunted / Flawless Thoughtstealer & Perfected Thoughtstealer Triumphs. Just a video showing a Solo Flawless Duality Dungeon being cleared using a Warlock this season, while also showing all the lore and collectibles in the dungeon. Details below.

00:00​ – Loadout & Load In
00:48 – Entrance Encounter
02:37 – Calus Repressed Memory #1
03:11 – Calus Repressed Memory #2
04:44 – Calus Repressed Memory #3
06:50 – Calus Repressed Memory #4
07:40 – Nightmare of Gahlran, Sorrow Bearer Boss Fight
22:38 – Calus Repressed Memory #5
25:18 – Calus Repressed Memory #6
27:12 – Calus Repressed Memory #7
28:43 – Bonus Chest #1
29:00 – Calus Repressed Memory #8
30:16 – Unlock the Vault Encounter
43:59 – Calus Repressed Memory #9
45:37 – Calus Repressed Memory #10
45:44 – Bonus Chest #2
47:22 – Calus Repressed Memory #11
49:53 – Calus Repressed Memory #12
51:39 – Nightmare of Caiatl, Princess-Imperial Boss Fight

In this run I wanted to do both a solo flawless, along with getting all the collectibles for people to listen along. I didn’t want to pad out the other guide for all 12 with that, so I figured it was already going to be around an hour, so why not add a few more minutes onto this one and let the full story play out. It ended up kind of like doing a 100% run of the Doom levels or something.

Probably my favourite dungeon so far, and likely the most challenging. The initial learning curve while doing it solo was very enjoyable, but on repeat clears it’s not too bad once you have the right way to approach it. I did run into multiple bugs when going for this, which was a bit of a shame and hopefully not the norm going forward. I wiped while ringing the bell from the shadow realm despite standing inside of it. I had a run where the Psion was stuck behind the wall and would never come out despite re-entering the portal multiple times on Gahlran. And I had an unfortunate run where I ported back during Caiatl to immediately wipe from full health to a random exploding Incendior (hence why I made sure to defeat them all during this run). The last one probably being partly in my control, but it’s not something you’d expect until it actually happens (especially not from full HP).

Outside of that though, it’s a pretty safe clear with this loadout and setup. Karnstein’s aren’t needed but they basically trivialise all of the encounters and surviving them, so it’s a good idea to use them if you want. There’s plenty of times where there’s ample time to swap pieces of armour before damage phases or whatever, so I’d recommend it if you’re having any trouble surviving. DPS phases by the usual Fusion Grenade with Starfire Protocol, it works really well and doesn’t have any ammo RNG to it. Could probably 2 phase the first boss with this setup and some better planning.

I’ll do Hunter and Titan clears over the next little while, and I’ll go for a master solo at some point too.

Warlock Solo Flawless Duality Dungeon:
Titan Solo Flawless Duality Dungeon:
Hunter Solo Flawless Duality Dungeon:

PC setup:
MSI MPG Z490 Mobo, i9-10900k CPU, MSI RTX 3090 SUPRIM X GPU, 64GB DDR4 3200 C16 Ram, 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD, 8TB HDD

Keybindings and settings can be seen here:


Thank you so much for your support!


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  1. The memories must be collected flawles ?? If you die you have to collect back from where you already did ??

  2. Why is he using the seventh seraph saw over something like the corrective measures ?

  3. This dungeon flawless is dogshit simply because of the random incindior explosions, the only thing that's killed me

  4. Hey Eso, any specific reason why you used the Heat Rises fragment over the Icarus Dash fragment? I would've assumed you'd want more mobility to get to the bells quicker using icarus.

  5. May I ask why u don’t use icarus dash? It seems much better than heat rises for getting to the bell quicker

  6. Respect man you are a very good player and you helpee communty thank you for everything ❤️

  7. One word AMAZING! dude you helped me so much through destiny and solo flawless runs. Can't wait to do this one

  8. So what do the cup standard plates do, there is one in the nightmare realm with the spinning statues, and one in between the vault and final encounter.

  9. Freakin knew it!!! Right after beating it my buddy’s and me were like this is gonna be a hard one to solo flawless (lots of ads, no cover and timers) and then we all agreed you would have a video out the next day.

  10. Thanks so much for putting this together! I feel confident that with some practice I can get this done.

  11. So many bugs keep ruining my solo run. Gahlran pushes and made me hit the wall all the time, flag doesn't spawn… I tried 5 hours, no progress.
    but your video helped a lot. I'm going to try it tomorrow. 🙁

  12. the psions arent showing up for extra damage timer in first encounter
    is that because this is bugged or am I doing something wrong?

  13. I actually learn dungeons better by watching solo players because I can see all the steps they take all on there own and so I take those methods and try them out until I feel ready to do it with a fireteam. THANKS!

  14. My ps4 load times could never swap armor seconds before boss fight I need a Rick Kakis intro

  15. Nice Ima get this solo flawless done sooon as well, stoked its challenging , because it gives me something to do! And all the blueberries won’t have the emblem !! Like grasp

  16. One thing I don't like is that ypu can't shoot the snipers in the nightmare realm on the third encounter since It takes time away

  17. Bro, you gotta wait a little longer to post these because you make it look way easier than it is

  18. Hmm so calus mentioning the final shape is no coincidence. Either he’s coming back as the raid boss for light fall or possibly for the final shape expansion. It also boggles my mind that they have not made a new class (like warlock, etc.) 4 subclass now and possibly a 5th coming. But I wouldn’t mind making a new character if the made a new new class.

  19. …you fucking mad man XD the masochist wants to add this to my solo flawless collection…
    My best was prophecy 1st try….but shit this dungeon is scary, only dungeon I didn't solo flawless was halkmoon and presage….mainly because no emblem but kind wishe I did presage

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