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Strength Update – Elden Ring

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Hey guys,

Last minute Strength Update!

Is it good or bad?

Check out the vid where I share my thoughts on how this works in favor or against the different classes.

Stay tuned for more Elden Rings videos coming soon!

Thank you and God bless us all!




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  1. I’m upset af that I went strength, faith. I literally can’t even find a damn build online for it. Everything’s dex. Everything’s int.

  2. New viewers good job, also just saying good job on 1k subs!! Sorry for being gone so long 😑

  3. Strength should have kept the equip load stat. Dex has casting speed, item use speed, fall damage reduction, and I think some new things in Elden Ring. Strength just increases Strength weapon damage…

  4. "If, for some weird reason, there's a weapon with requirement for both strength and dex for a faith build…"

    Uh, yeah? There's been plenty of those in past games.

    Your starting class has no bearing on your final build outside of setting some stats to 16 early. Anyone who's played a souls game for more than a single playthrough knows that starting class choices only actually matter if you're trying to optimize levels for specific pvp builds.

  5. Man I really enjoyed the video you have good sense of humour keep us update on elden ring will you 👍

  6. strength has been nurfed, dexterity build shouldn't wear heaviest armors as a strength build, couse dexterity build can hit with faster weapons, even some greatswords has a good dexterity scaling and if is this dexterity build would overcome strength build easily!

  7. This is not a change. Strength never had equip load as a stat. How can something be a buff or a nerf if the game has not even come out?

  8. The only place I seen even mention equip load has been 1 Italian creator and thats it even in Asia

  9. I feel that FromSoft probably wanted to encourage build freedom and incentivise building into END. I remember, in Bloodborne at least, the meta build strategy was to just use END as the universal dump stat, there was no purpose for it if you just got good at stamina management. By tying equip load to it, it allows people to equip whatever armor they want as long as they spec into END.

    This isn't a particularly large buff to DEX imo, because you still need to invest in another stat that doesn't really affect much else. At least now DEX players don't have to waste points on a stat that's completely useless for them if they want access to all of the cool armor sets in the game. I get why it would be annoying for STR players, since now they also have to invest in a stat that essentially would otherwise be pretty lightly used. I think it evens the field though, and generally just lets people play how they want.

    In any case, we should all save our judgment for when the game comes out. We can't know for sure what FromSoft has in store for STR until then. Maybe they have another reason that they decided to go this direction.

    EDIT: spelling

  10. I wanted to make a strength sorceries hybrid build but now I can't do that because I will have to pump to many points into endurance so now I have to pick between sorceries or strength I can't make a hybrid build of those to without being drastically underpowered because of all the points in endurance I would have to put….

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