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THE BIGGEST BLUNDER OF MAL'GANIS! | Classless World of Warcraft | Project Ascension TIER LIST

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Mcdoubles back again with a brand new video today featuring a look at my previous tier list video for the first batch of legendary enchants introduced in the Mal’ganis League 3 experiment and a reevaluation of that tier list with 3 months of Mal’ganis progress and an entire Vanilla WoW playthrough to look back on.

How wrong was I? or did I actually get something right? Well, if you’re referring to Snowblind than I was wronger than humanly possible. So that would actually be the biggest f*** up I made in my efforts to dictate the state of these new legendary enchants back then. F.

This is just a look back at my original tier list and is referring specifically to the end of the Mal’ganis meta. Things SHOULD change big time with the release of TBC because of all the new epic enchants added!

Server: Al’ar

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  1. There was someone on mal’ganis i saw do 6k with templar of flame not as a tank spec but a dps spec

  2. me over here letting my pet solo people in arena all day long. Most busted ass enchant i've ever played with in years of being on this server

  3. I do alright in PvE with Hoplite, certainly significantly better than everything else in your D tier and a bit better than Templar of Flame. I would leave it as C. Would also definitely put Tree of Wrath in with A tier. Was doing very well with it as intended for both damage and healing and it opens up so many other fun build options to do as a tree.

  4. Frozen Chaos need Ice Lance to trigger Fingers of Frost. I found using Ice Lance & Chaos Bolt in PvP to be fun, just doesnt do enough damage.

  5. I really think having builds that are simply overpowered in one area, like AOE, but terrible in another, like ST, is bad game design.

  6. Day who knows of waiting for an unholy dk based LRE (necrotic plague/virulent plague + epidemic/hell even a fallen paladin)

  7. These legendaries look fun, but the changes are so big they ruin the classless aspect of ascension, i prefer to use older enchants that only affect one or two abilities, i hope they’ll make more legendary combos for hybrids

  8. Lucifur needs to be d or e for sure, it's scaling is horenddddddous and feels just… akward to use, the 3 stacked dot on the bite does like 150 a tick every 3 seconds… that's like a moon fire dot.

  9. Hoplite was such a let down. I'm gonna re-try templar of flames and knight of the eclipse.

  10. Templar of Flame is awesome AOE… not so much on single-target. macro judgment + blastwave on 7sec CD each with instant Flame Strike in between, on the 1sec left over due to GCD you can throw in a macro with Sunfire(Moonfire RE) and living bomb. Super easy to play, massive AOE.

    It should be at least B tier if not A tier for DPS, and definitely A or S tier for tanking. When I can out DPS the lower DPSers in Mythic+ and Raids with Mana-forged Barrier + Aspect of the Viper on (that's means I'm doing like 30% of my normal damage when not tanking)… and that is with a tanking spec, my secondary spec which was DPS only pushed 2-3k single target, but easily #1 AOE in every group I DPSed in (I'm sure there is probably more broken/OP AOE DPS builds, but none that I saw in action).

  11. PvE and PvP are too different to be included in the same tier list. That's how you end up with a list ranking Hydromancer higher than Lucifur.

  12. they removed cauterizing flames for being too powerful and being in need of a reword and rebalancing, and my man refuses to rate it any better than D.

    seems out of touch

  13. Spell Shredder's pretty strong in raids, Midnight Flames is solid but not what it used to be. Cauterizing Flames was insanely powerful and was practically guaranteed to get hard nerfs and a potential rework, but it would certainly be nice to see it hit A52 where there's not much healing variety. White Walker is somewhat weak at the moment as well. Past that, I'd say the rest is roughly in an okay area.

    All of this is PVE perspective strictly, btw.

  14. Wish there was more talent Synergy for the Lucifur build.
    To put it simple, Predatory instincts should allow the free use of any ability, that normally doesn't work at cat form
    Or Maelstrom Weapon doing the same thing. Or Claw being replaced with Scorching claw, to apply it Buff to do more damage.
    Less swapping for the form the better.
    But Purification by Light and Thunder chicken. Still hit hard though.

  15. ye i think this list is more accurate ^^ i like the fact you changed tree of wrath up to A tier. And yes its not S tier.. its just very nice to bring in m+ as a DPS with the ability to help out with some "offhealing" but its not a carry build.
    Yes sad sad hoplite……

  16. I tried Midnight flames a lot and it could do great damage (5-7k with 78 iLvL in longer fights)… but it was also inconsistent and in certain bossfights i couldn't pull it off… there were some players that did it better tho.. never got to figure out what exactly i did wrong those fights.

  17. the hoplite enchant is super cool i really tried hard to make it work in pve but i just couldn't pull it off which sucks hard i hope they can tweak it and improve it to make it viable for pve someday

  18. Your lack of game knowledge is astounding. Cauterizing Flames is the single best healing spec (when it's actually in the game) for AoE and ST.

  19. I would like to see 1h video about something new (REs, features, cosmetics, titles etc.) that could ascension team add to the game. Bring ideas from community on youtube, discord or your own and have some fun. Make Ascension even better 🙂

  20. You were wrong about Snowblind at the time but it was unfortunately super-nerfed. Now it's not even A-tier in TBC. CS/HW/Wind Rager are the melee meta, no matter how you look at it unfortunately.. White Walker also got gutted..

  21. I got poisons on a card and I really wanted to play blood venom, but now it's not available I think they are working on it, hopefully for the best, what other builds do you guys recommend with poisons?

  22. Had to pause and comment cause i disagree about lucifur . I was playing it and doing 5k dps on top of being a fun build to switch around casting and catform

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