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These Red Dead Redemption 2 characters had the ‘bad ending’ – #rdr2 #shorts

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  1. Tilly, Mary-Beth, Sadie, Charles, Trelawny, Swanson, Jack and Pearson are the only ones who got a good ending.

  2. Everybody:*talking about it*
    Me:”where’s Kieran?”
    I miss Kieran he was one of the best ones in my opinion

  3. Arther never got bad ending exposed micha hepled everyone even if he didint kill by micha he would die by solders or sikness

  4. Does bad ending mean he'll tho I think every member regret and repented for there sins I loved hosea and arthrur fav characters

  5. Felt bad for Strauss he was torched by one of the Pinkerton gangs so he died but he also didn’t say anything about where the others were at, he stuck to his promise even though arthur hated him

  6. I think Kieran’s was worst then Sean because Sean got a quick and easy while Kieran got bashed on for being an O’driscoll by the gang and was tortured to death with his head cut off and his eyes ripped from his head

  7. Sean's death was the most shocking for me. It was so sudden and quick and right after it was a gunfight.

  8. It was so sad seeing Arthur spirits as he was getting closer to death in those cutscenes of deers and wolf's running showing how he changed from a wolf (evil) to a deer (good)

  9. Lenny, Susan, Molly, Mac, Davey, Strauss… I'm pretty sure almost all the members of the gang had bad endings besides maybe Pearson, Tilly, Charles and a few others

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