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This BUSTED HUNTER BUILD Makes Solo Flawless EASY MODE [Best Destiny 2 Hunter Build]

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This Hunter Build Makes Solo Flawless EASY MODE [Best Blade Barrage Destiny 2 Hunter Build]




This Busted Hunter Build Makes Solo Flawless EASY MODE [Best Destiny 2 Hunter Build]

Hey Crew!

The gameplay your watching is me completing the first encounter of the duality dungeon solo and flawless! I wanted a good way to test this build so I wanted a challenge
and man as you can see it went above and beyond and I am hear to tell you that the return of the blade barrage has happened!
Its literally been since Forsaken that I have used Blade barrage this much and the melee fan of knives and it just feels so good and rewarding to be able
to do this pretty dang easily so if you haven’t tried this well get ready cause you will find it hard to switch off.

Now if you set up the build the way I have it and execute your gameplay loop your unkillable, Have the best dps super in the game and always have one available
because we get it insanely fast I am talking like
10 kills fast which is crazy, along with unlimited throwing knives and our dodge so you can run whatever weapons helps you in the certain activity your playing!

The first question I want to answer is why we are not using Star Eater scales. I tested a bunch of exotics with this set up and Yes I know the damage you get with
Star eaters but in most situations you don’t need such high burst dps. I am going for consistency with the build and what makes it play and feel the best
and Star eaters are great but I would rather have my super way more and I mean way more often with my set up then I do with Star eaters scales but feel free to switch things
up if you want. There is defiently no one size fits all and I believe Destiny should be played the way you enjoy it the most even if that means it might not be the most optimal way 🙂

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  1. High resil is sooo good in the game now. Solo dungeons have never been easier and I could already go far in a solo flawless run for prophecy, but now I just know I can get it done. I just need high resil and high mobility stat armor for hunter and in chilling

  2. NGL i would of been helpful to say "before you try this build you should have these mods" i wasted a lot of time, and golf balls getting my armor in order just find out im not a "streamer" who has unlocked every artifact mod.. RIP

  3. i like explosiveknife more so imma try this with that other than that keep up the amazing builds my man also try out sky burners oath it applies scorch directly when hip firing

  4. I somehow never got melee wellmaker and like EVERY build uses it for solar 3.0… I'm so mad

  5. Btw it’s not the best “dps” super, it’s the best burst dps super. It’s probably not even top 3 dps supers. Also titans can out dps it pretty easily with just their hammer melee rn and are much more unkillable with sunspots, not that this build isn’t cool

  6. Hell yeah I might be able to get my harbinger seal. The solo and flawless triumphs are all I'm missing.

  7. For the Titans,
    I used this build setup with my Bonk Hammer Titan with Severance Enclosure and everything dies super super quickly, with really good in their face survivability.
    Sunshot (or any weapon with chain reaction) is a great option, but honestly you'll almost never use your weapons anyway. Lol

  8. The other BB with the burn that immediately recharged your dodge, paired with Ophidia Spathe made you the best for add clear

  9. I don't get it. So many of your speccs requires so many special mods that you're left with absolutely no slots for champion mods? What's good with that. Completely useless in endgame content

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