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This new game is too BRUTAL for youtube…

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The completely FREE game demo of ‘TREPANG2’ FPS is coming on June 13th on Steam and I got to test it out before it’s released:
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  1. I hope this will come on STEAM and also have that FEAR 2 style MP cause that would be fun with how the gameplay looks like.

  2. Reminds of Killzone series! lol also if you crazy gore look up a very old game called Soldier of Fortune 2 Double Helix

  3. Bullshit: You are getting shot at when that elevator opens. Looks like it's one of THOSE games where "I'm john wick bro, I'm invincible."

    …and then your excuse for avoiding shots even though clearly the bullet travel time for most conventional military firearms would've hit you in the second before you entered the slow mo is that you entered the slow mo! Which is contradictory to the facts and logic of reality and most video games are enjoyable because they are not realistic and because they are fun but this is plain stupid like your mother.

  4. I love games like this that do so good at particle physics. Breakable materials, reactive environments, Gorey combat, dismemberment, realistically/entertainingly done body motion reactions to weapon attacks. Slow motion, gameplay mechanics that you can replay the same level over and over yet it will still be fun because it's not repetitive and bland. It could play out in all sorts of manners. I find these games very beneficial to have in my game collection because if I want to just zone out and decompress and mindlessly do hand eye coordination type stuff, this gives me that ability plus it gives you that therapeutic sense of getting to go around and break everything in your office or something like that. If you have a healthy mind and understanding of this stuff it's totally therapeutic and is in no way something that makes people violent like the 90s early 2000s media used to always say. If anything I think video games can lessen the amount violence because it gives the mind a healthy non physically violent behavior but it can still play that role of say a stress ball does. That's acts as a tool to release tension. If that's necessary. If not, it's just a a great mindless escape expression experience that hurts no body and that's why I love diving into video games. Especially single and video games or old school local co-op modes and split screen 1 v 1 gameplay modes. Or vs CPU bots and you don't even have to deal with online internet multiplayer grinding stats if you don't want to.

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