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Triangle Strategy: Chapter 7 – Avlora Fight Cheese [NO TRAPS] [Guide]

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The cheese strategy for winning against Avlora without using the Traps explained.
Here is the link to my full fight using this strategy if you want to see it:

This was on my first playthrough (no NG+).
Normal Difficulty
: : Timestamps : : :
Intro 00:00
Party Setup 00:44
Battle Phases 01:19
Win using Anna & Hughette 01:53
Victory cutscene 03:31

Put Hughette on top of the houses and snipe enemies from there.
Keep Anna in perma invisibility and move her opposite of the enemy.

To keep enemies in range of Hughette, let Anna’s invisibility run out if you need to bait enemies away from Hughette, then go back into invisibility and put Hughette on the ground. Enemies will then move back into her range. On this way you can freely kill every enemy without having Hughette take any damage.

As soon as 1-2 enemies are left, use Anna to pick up the spoils (loot) on the battlefield and finish them off.

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Triangle Strategy Avlora Battle No Traps Cheese Strategy
Chapter 7 Part 2 Not a Word, My Friend
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  1. TRUE ENDING NOTE (Spoilers)

    You will later fight the same battle again in "Benedict's Battle" if you unlock the True Ending path later in the game.
    You can do it the same way and only use Hughette to clear the fight (useful if you are on your first playthrough since you are going to lack the units for it otherwise)
    Here is my video of that fight:

  2. Still in my first normal playthrough.. i burn the house without thinking 😂😩, i guess i only can get good ending when i do new game+.

  3. Litterally could not figure how to win this fight any other way at lvl 11 normal. I couldn't figure how to lure the enemies into the traps…
    So… Thanks. x)

  4. Did this with not losing a single unit. I moved everyone near the gates, while I had Hughette and Rudolph take the roofs. Same goes for Frederica. Along the main path I had my archers snipe every unit that came close. Erador tanking that path. Other path I had Serenoa and Roland ready to deal with that. Geela alternating for healing when needed. Benedict and Julio for buffing units/TP support.

  5. Thanks for this video so I try not to burn the town. I just use most of the long range character most on the 3 rooftop of the top right up the hill using Frederica/Hughette/Corentin/Narve/Archibald/Ezana, Jens for trap and ladder, Medina and Anna for double take, then Serenoa in normal. Just only lose Archibald, I’m not check the HP well enough.

    Thanks again man.

  6. Hm. This is easier than what I did. I beat it on my first go, but Anna was the last one left. I just kept stealthing her and using backstabs. They have 0 counters for this tactic. Just make sure to only attack every other turn so you can regen TP. Again, it's not ideal and takes pretty long, but if you need this strategy, it will work.

  7. I only used the secret mid trap to avoid burning any house. Does this count as if I used all the traps ?

  8. I had a feeling her battle with Maxwell during the Tourney was a little fixed. This chick is an absolute unit and if you're underleveled, under equipped and can't strategize to save your life, you are screwed.

  9. It was so satisfying beating this without using traps or guide. All I had left was Hughette and Anna but I did it.

  10. that would take forever. Are you serious? Unless you are playing on very easy it would take at least 3 hits from hughette just to take down any of the enemies.

  11. I managed this my first playthrough on normal without using Hughette cheese. I lost about 4 units but it is possible. I did the Benedict battle at lv 50 in new game +, again without using the traps. Much easier this time and zero casualties.

  12. I just killed all of them except for Avlora then had the two trap users camp at the stone staircase and kill her with fall damage. I used Anna to draw Avlora away from the main body of enemy units so that I could do this. You could probably just put Hughette on an unreachable rooftop and spam arrows if you really wanted too. Or have Anna hit and run forever with poison and take cover. There are so many ways to cheese this.

  13. This battle took about 8 tries, mainly because I normally restarted after a death a la Fire Emblem. I eventually said screw it and by the end of the fight I was left with Frederica and the ice mage.

  14. How to do it?

    1. Buy a lots of healing item
    2. Get the Healing Quint too if you need.
    3. IF on NG+, get the Battlecry and Miss Opportunity Quietus
    4. Use Anna
    5. Win

  15. In my playthrough on Normal difficulty, I positioned everyone near the gates, and just rained down spells from the back lines and sniping with Hughette while she’s on the top houses. Had the beefy guys tank the damage. Had Jens use spring trap all over with Julio and Benedict supporting him with TP and having him act right away. Plan worked

  16. You can also trap her on a roof 👍
    I'm playing on hard
    I accidentally messed up
    And it worked out in my favor perfectly ._.

  17. I don't believe this character can be cleared on the hard difficulty without chees and without leveling, i had to build some stairs in the back houses and climb my mages up, as well as a buffer, a healer and a tp battery, this map is hell.

  18. On Hard, I did a no loss play by mostly ignoring the left side of the map. Shieldbearer is slow while the 2 archers don't move until avlora does. I do fly hughette around the second level from left side to center away from archer range just to toy with the second mage. Rudolph and/or archibald are assigned to take out the archer on the right side (avlora side) to quickly control that area and pick off the other mage. Jens with trap tp-1 will always lay down a trap on one side of the stairs while erador holds the other. Key to holding the chokepoint is to dispatch the archer on the roof and the mage quickly, especially the mage as he's the major danger to erador. Avlora will quickly fall to concentrated magic attacks while trapped in the stairs.

  19. I did this fight on normal instead of hard so the strategy may not be as easy, but I sent my entire team to the right side where you start and had Erador at the bottleneck in the lower right pathway. This kept the reinforcements from spawning basically on top of me and I just used the rest of my team to deal with the 2/3 of Avlora’s army. I finished with seven or eight units left, barely used Hughette as an invincible sniper. Erador had a dedicated healer with a mage for the melee that wanted to clump together. Hughette and others took out the archers on top of the buildings. 2 losses and then a resounding win. When Avlora is in range, bombard her or most units will be close to 1-shot. 400HP is a lot but if you get 6 attacks for her 1, she’ll go down fairly quick.

  20. I struggled so hard in this stupid chapter for refusing to use the houses. I managed it with allmost all of my units living, but man was that a groll, don't hope I have to redo this on something harder for the golden route which i learnt of today.

  21. New question: I'm on Chapter 14, and i need more items to upgrade weapons to Rank 2 and a single Medal of Bravery. Anywhere i can farm these items?

  22. So I'll be in this for the long haul, eh? XD very well then. I'll try the battle tomorrow when I'm less tired.

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